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Halo Offshoot
Posted By: NevinNiven<scioncommander@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 February 2001, 7:27 am

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Hunt breathed heavily as he ran. He was being chased. Chased by the unforgiving aliens. Why were they attacking? He couldn't remember. Or maybe he had never known.

He skidded to a halt just in front of a cliff face. He whirled around. Tall blue aliens threw themselves at him. They collided with him and they were over the edge.

Hunt struggled to let go. Their iron grip would not release him. He punched one of them in the face. The alien let go. The other one still held onto him. He looked as the alien he had hit smashed and rolled along the cliff side. It stopped when a large piece of rock impaled it. He stared at the alien that clung to him.

He remembered his pistol. Not much, only a 9mm Glock. He pulled it out. He jammed it against the alien's face.

"Die you bastar-augghhh!" Hunt yelped in pain as the alien's claws dug into him.

He pulled the trigger. The hammer kicked backwards. It sparked the chemical reaction. The bullet exited the barrel. The casing flew out and another bullet was readied. Meanwhile, the bullet he had fired pierced the alien's skin. It was tearing through bone and flesh. The alien's head was being thrown back. The bullet's soft jagged hollow point shattered, furthering the damage. The bullet finally exploded through the back of the alien's head. Blood and bits of bone flew out, along with pieces of the bullet.

The alien let go. Hunt braced himself for the dive into the lake below. He hit the water at a tremendous speed. He clawed his way back up to the surface. Through the fairly clear water he could see the alien's body slowly sinking to the surface. He pulled himself onto the shore.

"Hey you! Get up." A synthesized voice whispered.

Hunt bolted upright. It took a while for his vision to clear and focus.

"What?!" He yelped as he scrambled backwards.

"I'm the marine in charge here." The marine said.

"So I take it I'm at a human camp?" Hunt replied.

"That's right. You're at the main camp. Our motion sensors picked you up about a mile from here. I'm surprised that you were able to stay ahead of them." The marine said.

"It comes from the adrenaline." Hunt replied.

"So anyone want to tell me what happened out there." The marine said.

"Okay so we started the assault on the base. Our demolition man had set the charges. We were ready to leave when, out of nowhere, a Covenant soldier sights Gunther, our demo man. He shoots Gunther in the back which throws him about eight feet from our position. The Covenant came out. And I run out and grab Gunther. I signal for everyone to leave. I dump Gunther in the jeep. And I grab the detonator. I smash down the detonator. Except Gunther is still carrying an explosive pack. The countdown begins and Gunther yells for me. I pick up and throw the explosive package. That hits the ground and explodes. Two Covenant soldiers are caught in the explosion. Their base explodes and the guys are leaving with the jeep. The remaining three Covenant soldiers start after me. I grab the machine gun that Gunther dropped and begin firing. I drop one soldier, and then the gun jams. I dropped it and started running. I encountered that three hundred-foot tall cliff, and you know the rest." ! Hunt said.

"Gunther and the guys never reported back." The marine stated.

"What! No I followed their tracks here." Hunt said.

"We saw an explosion about two miles from here." The marine said.

"Take me there." Hunt yelled.

"NO I WON'T ENDANGER MORE LIVES!" The marine shouted back.

Hunt ran to a jeep. He jumped into the driver's seat and started it. He mashed down on the throttle. The marine leapt into the gunner's seat. The jeep roared up the hill. When it cleared the lip of the hill it went airborne. It crashed down and spewed rocks and clumps of dirt as it accelerated. He could still see a large plume of smoke coming from the Covenant base. There was a smaller plume to the right. He turned and flew over the terrain. He cleared a hill and flew over some wreckage. He landed and jammed on the brakes. He hopped out of the car and ran to the wreckage. The jeep was a twisted heap of metal. Hunt walked around the wreckage. Gunther was lying about twelve feet away. He was still alive!

"Gunther we're gonna get you back." He yelled.

He picked Gunther up and set him in the passenger seat.

"I'm the only one left." Gunther croaked out.

"What?" Hunt asked.

"They tossed me out just before the beams hit. That's why I'm alive."

"You're kidding right they were just captured right?" Hunt said.

"No, Finn, Darien, they're all gone." Gunther wheezed.

"DAMN IT!" Hunt shouted.

"Just get me back to base." Gunther said.

"Give me your gun." Hunt said to the marine.

"No, you are not going on a personal crusade. You are coming back." With that the marine punched Hunt.

He picked up Hunt and set him firmly into the gunner's seat. He drove them back.

Two Days Later

Bullets whizzed past Hunt's head. He opened fire on the Covenant. A charging Covenant warrior was stopped and dropped. The marine was laying down heavy fire with his mini-gun. Two human soldiers ran forwards in an attempt to draw fire. One of them threw a frag grenade over the Covenant's protective wall. It exploded and several shouts erupted from the other side. The other soldier was laying down cover fire with his machine gun.

The Covenant warriors were clambering over the wall. Hunt steadied his sniper rifle and fired. One of the Covenant warriors fell thirty feet to the ground. Two more were killed and they took another with them.

The Covenant leader charged. His shield deflected most of the machine gun fire. He reached a Bob and hacked off his leg at the knee. The Bob screamed in pain as blood trickled to the ground. The Bob raised his machine gun and took off the alien's head. The head exploded into a bloody pulp.

Another Covenant warrior vaulted over the wall, a hail of bullets quickly annihilated his body. He hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Two more climbed up into the tower in the distance. Hunt sighted the first, engaged his laser range finder. Then he dialed in the correction to his scope. He looked back through it, controlled his breathing, and fired. The 20mm DU bullet ripped across the terrain, it impacted just above the things right eye.

The bullet went along a few more inches and shattered; it tore his brains to soup and blew out the back of its head. The blood splashed onto the other Covenant warrior. Hunt sighted that one and fired. The bullet hit the rib cage, swerved downwards, and blew out just above its kidney. No more Covenant were going over the wall. They moved in.

They blew a hole in the wall and stepped through it. All of them came through, bright blue beams came out of nowhere, comrades twisted and screamed in pain as the blue energy writhed over their bodies.

Hunt pulled out his Glock and began firing at the sources of the energy; he actually managed to hit one. His comrades were also firing, three Covenant soldiers fell dead, then the man next to Hunt had his arm severed at the elbow, and the stench of burning flesh entered his nostrils. Two more humans fell. A beam shot past, burning the hair on his forearm, he spun around and played dead. Tears filled his eyes, here was a living man amongst so much death, and he grabbed a fallen soldier's assault rifle.

The Covenant elite warrior stood above him, and nudged him. He stayed limp and the warrior went on. Hunt cocked the gun, got to his knees, aimed, and fired at the warrior in a half second. The bullets bit into the Covenant warrior's back, the lead seared the warrior's innards as they passed through. They finally burst out the other side, spraying blue blood everywhere.

The other Covenant soldiers reacted, mowing Hunt down as he kneeled there. The beams burned his flesh and mangled his body, doing so even as he fell down dead. The last thoughts through his mind were, BLAM, YOUR MOM, and DINK! He hit the ground, dead a half second earlier.

The war was not going well for the humans.