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.halo 7: Fallen Tears
Posted By: Neo//hack<Hometokell@aol.com>
Date: 9 June 2003, 12:07 AM

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Captain Fargo was destroyed. His sorrow and anger had taken over, and he stupidly vowed revenge on High Priest Key Quest.

He would have stayed forever if his colleagues had not urged him on. He agreed, reluctantly, to continue.

As they journeyed on, Fargo kept getting flashbacks from what he and Irvine spoke of earlier that day. . .

"It's no big deal. I was raised near a mechanic shop where my dad worked as a part time job..."

"He told me that he got to help repair a vital part from one of the UNSC warships..."

Captain Fargo winced. He tried to move on, but he knew it would be close to impossible. Even losing someone he never knew was too much.

His anger at Key Quest was also too much, but he tried to contain it. Holding back two different emotions for two different people, or one person and a thing, was incredibly difficult.

"Captain...are you all right?"

Fargo snapped back to reality. "Yeah. I'm okay."

Lara turned away with an expression of worry on her face. She knew that Fargo wasn't feeling normal since Irvine's death.

They walked for almost half an hour before they came across what appeared to be a bridge that consisted of close to a hundred multi-colored squares. Below the bridge was what seemed like an eternal pit.

The echoing voice returned, startling the Marines.

"This is your second challenge. In order to cross the Eternal Depths, you must first cross the bridge."

"That's a challenge?" muttered Vincent sarcastically.

"However, the different color squares that make this bridge are different traps in themselves. Once a color has been stepped on, all the other squares of the identical color will fall into eternity. You have three seconds before the color you are standing on collapses as well. In addition to making it across safely, you must carry this key with you to activate the light bridge from the other side. Once this bridge is activated, your comrades will be able to cross."

A small key vaporized before them, and Vincent stepped forward and snatched the key and held it tightly in his hand.

"Why don't you put that in your pocket?" questioned Fargo.

Vincent turned around with a smile on his face. "I can't toss it back onto to one of you if it's inside my pocket, now can I?"

Captain Fargo also smiled. "Right. Be careful."

Vincent turned to face the bridge then waited momentarily to strategize what he would do. However, it was difficult, since almost half of the bridge was in shadows.

He planned his strategy, then leaped into the air.

He landed on a center square, then barely had any time to watch the other squares of the same color. He pushed off the first square, landed hands-first on a square three squares away.

He quickly pushed off with his hands, landed on a different color, then pushed off again. He quickly disappeared into the shadows, which made Fargo worry even more.

There was a light grunt in the distance, and then everything was silent.

The Marines waited nervously for something to inform them that Vincent had made the journey across.

Suddenly, the gap between the two ends of the Eternal Depths was illuminated as the light bridge between the two edges was activated.

The Marines, now across the Eternal Depths, passed through the door into the next chamber.

Captain Fargo started feeling better, and no longer dragged behind the other soldiers. He marched up with them, his face expressionless.

They were prepared to enter the next area, but were stopped once more.

Another flash of light blasted into the chamber, followed by a rush of wind.

By the time the Marines had gained the ability to see once again, another figure blocked their path.

The figure looked like High Priest Key Quest; the same white-haired braids, the same pupil-less eyes, the same grand robes.

He spoke with a greater tone, however, one that sounded more wise and gentle.

"The challengers haven't failed yet, eh?"

Captain Fargo glared up at the Priest.

"I am High Priest Key Majestic, the second of the great Covenant leaders. It appears that Key Quest only managed to take down one of you. Morale was not so badly damaged as quantity was, correct?"

Fargo's blood boiled. Killing one of his allies and then making a mockery of it was more than disgraceful. Captain Fargo angrily raised his assault rifle and opened up on the great Priest. The bullets ripped through his body. The captain continued firing until he ran empty. Several clicks conquered the sound of gunfire, and Fargo lowered the rifle.

The Priest didn't move. Fargo felt a pang of satisfaction.

However, the Priests' voice suddenly echoed in the chamber.

"It appears that someone has trouble controlling their anger, hm?"

Fargo suddenly felt more disappointed than satisfied. His eyes narrowed slightly.

The bullet holes grew smaller until they disappeared, as though Key Majestic had healed himself.

"It appears that you wish to test your skills against something. Very well. I shall oblige."

High Priest Key Majestic raised his left arm. Three golden rings lowered from the sky, each passing into the ground.

Once they had all disappeared, a strange creature stood on the steel bridge. It was close to fourteen feet tall, and had some of the qualities of a Hunter.

"Meet the Sentinel. The genetically enhanced soldier. He'll be taking care of you all."

With a roar of laughter, High Priest Key Majestic disappeared into a flash of light.

The so-called Sentinel stepped forward and let out a deep grunt.

The Marines all raised their rifles simultaneously and opened fire on the beast. The bullets barely pierced its skin. It laughed at their efforts, then took another step forward.

The steps were only measurable by a Richter scale. The bridge shook and groaned under the strain, but it held.

The soldiers, already out of ideas, backed away slowly. They only had a matter of time. It was impossible to try and backtrack since the door into the previous chamber was sealed. It would also be incredibly difficult to run in between the Sentinel's legs, since it managed to move fairly fast despite its size.

They backed away until they ran up against the thick door separating the two chambers.

Suddenly, Reia, thinking fast, leaped forward. She caught the Sentinel off guard, and took full advantage of its befuddlement.

She removed a grenade from her shoulder strap and looked around to choose the best and most exposed place to throw it.

She knew that it would not kill the creature from head on contact. Therefore, she ripped the pin out, hit a button near the top, and hurled it just hard enough to skitter to a stop next to the Sentinel.

The beast was stupid, for he raised his right foot and stomped down on the grenade just as the timer ran out.

The explosion echoed against the dark walls and shattered the seemingly tranquil chamber.

The flames burned the underside of the Sentinel's foot while the force actually knocked him of balance. The fact that he lifted his scorched foot and relied on his balance also contributed to what came next.

Like most people and some creatures, the Sentinel hopped up and down in pain, his groans deafening.

The bridge eventually shifted under the weight and pressure, and thus the Sentinel tumbled over the edge and fell into infinity.