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Elait One
Posted By: Neo-Bob<MrNuclear@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 January 2000, 5:15 p.m.

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Eliat one slowly crept through the shrubbery down the hill. He set up next to the boulder, under the nice cover of some grass. Eliat One is a sniper, an indispensable unit for gorilla warfare. Eliat has more kills than entire platoons. One Shot, One Kill. Today he is reconing a small Covenant outpost. Two days previously, when he had first spotted the bunker, the guard outside had seen him and it had taken a few potshots at him that would never have hit him in a million years even if he'd been standing still. He made a small crack in the grass and peered out towards the bunker through his special issue marine 80x spotter scope. There was the small sized mound, the bunker, in the exact same place it had been two days ago, not like it was going anywhere fast. One guard, that stuck Eliat odd even with his being spotted two days previously. He put his spotter scope down and picked up his 50x silenced Rail-gun sniper rifle. It was a small miracle of science and Eliat was still not sure how you make something like that silent. He put the recticle on the guard debating whether or not to end his life, but he decided that that would b rushing things. He pulled the magnification back to 40x and looked around. There he was. It was a nicely hidden hide but to someone like Eliat the Cov. Sniper could have been in an open field dancing around, it made no difference. He put the cross hairs on the sniper and slowly pulled the trigger. PHOP, came silenced death for the sniper, he never new he had even been shot he was to dead to realize it. Eliat then moved the recticle to the guard and...