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personal data diary 10.10.219303.09
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 June 2000, 5:47 pm

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where am i? i awoke and can't tell where i am at...the landscape looks strange...how long have i been out? i remember liberating some fellow marines and winning a hard battle against the covenant...and then my memories end....i am crawling here, missing my legs...they've been blown off by something and there's screaming all around me.....the landscape erupts in flames and my exposed skin is peeling away....the ring is disintegrating around me as some sort of orbital bombardment rains down...there is a ship in orbit, unlike anything built by humans or covenant....it bears an insignia with simply the letters "M" and "S" on it's underbelly...perhapse someone in space will retreive this PDD from my corpse as it floats through the vacuum after the ring is completely disintegrated....the beam IS MOVING TOWARDS ME!!!! THE LAND IS ERUPTING THE FLAMES ARE BURNING MY ARMOR IS MELTING AS EVERYGHTINGGGGGKS ESEMMS TO DIEEEESAAAAA AROUNDSS SDLJAROUDNAAAROUNDAROUNDAROUNDAROUND MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF ADKLJ;AFFFFFFFF3T84 GSENSDORS ENTRY 10.10.219303.XX REACHISNGS EAND OF TRAANSSSSSSSSSTMNISSSION