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personal data diary 10.10.219303.08
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 January 2000, 8:37 p.m.

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today we came across a Covenant camp of some sort...they had built a small group of huts out of some sort of hide...nearby were a couple of the hover bikes they use, which would be very valuable to us, so we decided to case the camp for a couple days and try to get a figure on how many of the critters were staying at this camp...after a day or so of recon, we decided that their numbers were probably about a dozen or so spread between five tents...during this time, a couple of the aliens came into the camp driving a jeep, obviously one that they had stolen from some humans somewhere on the Ring...our recon specialist, private frankson and private hollis, were to sneak into the camp and attempt to set charges on two of the tents, they would run back to the ridge we were hiding on and blow the charges...private first class allen, who was a sniping specialist, would snipe the Covenant that scrambled out of the surrounding tents, as three of us closed in on the Covenant with our weapons ablaze...the other three, myself, private hill, and private collier would attempt to secure the jeep with the counted .50 caliber machine gun and use it to our advantage...the plan didn't go exactly as planned...the charged went off killing what aliens may have been in the tents, private first class allen managed to pick off another Covenant as it ran from a tent nearby...however, our excitement was quickly dissolved into fear as the three marines charging the base were mowed down by two Covenant armed with a weapon i have not seen before...some sort of energy cannon that fires a thick beam of green plasma...the glow of those plasma bolts struck fear in my men as the three point men were obliterated...before they regrouped, the two recon troops and sniper were taken out as well in fiery green explosions, luckily, private allen was able to snipe one of them before he met his maker...my small group went undetected until we started up the jeep...private hill jumped in the drivers seat, private collier jumped in shotgun, and i armed the .50 cal...i had barely got situated when we saw three Covenant rushing us...private collier blasted one with his weapon and i was able to kill the other two in a quick spatter of machine gun fire...and with that, private hill hit the egnition and we were off...the only bug left as far as far as we could see was the one with the energy cannon...he fired at us, but hill was able to avoid the blast as chunks of dirt blew up into our faces...i screamed into my comm for hill to run him down before he got another charge ready, and he put the pedal to the metal...we screamed towards the alien at over one hundred miles per hour, and it looked like he was about to eat the winch on our jeeps front bumper, when it raised the cannon to fire at us...oh crap! i yelled as it fired...i squinted as my helmet's visor adjusted to the intense brightness and i did my best to keep the machine gun on the Covenant...hill turned at the right moment and we spun hard to the left just a few yards from the beast, and thankfully we drove into a shallow gully so the laser arced just above my head as we had turned, i blasted that thing into oblivion, as did private collier...that thing was no more than a splatter of blue on the ground after the amount of ammo we sunk into its hide...as hill straightened out the jeep, we saw a number of Covenant coming out from another tent, and we decided it was best to cut out of there...we had lost enough this day...

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