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personal data diary 10.10.219303.06
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 January 2000, 10:49 a.m.

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we set out at 0500 this morning on foot... we're heading away from away from the Pillar, looking for signs of any type of technology that may aid us in the battle against the Covenant...we traveled for twelve hours with no sight of anything valuable...the Ring is a strange thing, at first it's very quiet, almost having a synthetic feel to it, like you're living in some sort of landscape painting...but then you start to notice them...the rin grats as we call them...small, fuzzy things the size of a rabbit with a naked rat-like tail and little sharp teeth...when things get quiet, they peek their heads out of the little holes in the ground, looking for food...they are attracted by our camp fie and one of my troops lured them with some crackers...we told him it was not good to eat anyting that ate carrion, but he didn't listen...later private jackson was eating the thing on the same type of cracker...ironically, of course, he said it tasted like chicken...we have also seen a flock of the brown birds that live here...they look basically like crows, and as far as we know, they eat carrion just like the ring rats...i've heard reports of some herd animals that inhabit the Ring, but have yet to see them. So far, all the wild life I have seen have been eaters of the dead...this has led me to wonder if the Halo wasn't artificially created as some sort of battleground or arena...i mean, why a world where the only fauna eats corpses? what better automatic clean-up system...