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PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.219303.05
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 January 2000, 6:56 p.m.

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Our reinforcements arrived this morning...i am confident in their ability to hold this bunker, even if the majority of them seem wet behind the ears...only six of them having ever met a Covenant in battle...most are grunts, but there are three heavy weapons guys, a medic, an engineer, and two vehicle specialists as well. the officer in charge of the reinforcements, first lietenant greenwade, seems capable, if inexperienced...although I outrank him (bieng a captain), I have had much more 'field' experience and insisted on leading the recon squad out into the wilderness. they brought rumors of reinforcements from earth, but I seriously doubt that...how could they know where we are? as far as I know, most of the hyperspace comm systems were damaged in the crash and would not be up and running for months...sure, we call our main station the Pillar of Autumn, after what it came from, but in truth it's just the largest piece (as far as we know) to have survived the entry into the ring's atmosphere...we spent the first couple weeks setting up base stations in a circular formation around the Pillar at a ten mile radius, we set up eight in all...actually nine but one was razed by the Covenant and had to be rebuilt...in any manner, the time has come to set out on our recon 'trip'...i am to take most of the men who were here before the reinforcements arrived, private hill, the medic troop, and nine other grunts including two recon specialists...we set out in the morning...