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The Spirit
Posted By: Mr Bill Jr V<mr_bill_jr_5@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 September 2001, 3:34 am

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"It is good to see that you understand commander, Damuis. For I fear that it is too late to save Earth. Nothing can stop them now. The entire 6th fleet died in under an hour fighting against them, and they are unstoppable."

"But one escaped, and that, that alone is hope enough."

"Good by Damuis."

The alien is thy enemy...
The stock of the weapon rested on his shoulder.
It's long smooth barrel taut, ready to snap back at any moment.
His hands didn't shake, but remained calm as he held the weapon steady.
The enemy must be brought down form his perch...
He crouched on top of a monolithic stone pillar, which protruded many feet above the floor. He balanced steadily, his face practically buried in the weapon's scope. He scanned the ground below. The sky filtered in through a massive stained window, casting eerie light on the ground. A small winged creature glided across the vaults, and rafters above. More light shone in through a hole in the roof. Small beams of blue, florescent light drew the marine's attention.
Three or four moved about below, shining their beams of light across the shadows. They moved towards the pedestal at the center of the room. The marine could hear their grunting voices echo across the cathedral. The aliens were completely oblivious to the marine's presence. They all stared with incredible fascination at the small stone pedestal. It was as though they sensed something more to it.
They converged on the pedestal, crowding closely.
The marine brought the scope back to his attention, adjusting his range finder, bringing the aliens closer to his view. There were three of them.
They where huge. Ten feet tall, with massive heads. They all carried small pistol like weapons.
The Covenants ran their hands across the pedestal. A glow began to appear, rising up from the pedestal, spreading, then sweeping to the floor like low lying smoke.
Not good...
Steadying his weapon, the marine moved the crosshairs over one of the aliens. With little more then a slight jolt of air rushing, a large part of the Covenant's head vanished. Blood was thrown up into the air, and the alien arched back, collapsing onto the ground, face down. It took the others less then a second to realize what was going on. They quickly moved away form the source of the shot. They vanished into the shadows, but the marine could sense their continued presence in the cathedral. He scanned the room searching for movement. He was startled by the gruntal echoes of the alien's voices.
One was hiding behind a pillar to the marine's left.
Not too clever are you...
Pulling back on the shell ejection handle caused the spent casing to shoot clear of the breach, chambering the next round simultaneously. Moving the scope over his plasteal encased eye, the marine put a round through the front of the pillar. A loud pulping sound resounded across the cathedral. A Covenant fell backwards and then lay sprawled across the ground, his weapon thrown free of his hands. Bright, blue, blood trickled and spilled over a raise in the ground, slowly spreading across the floor.
The next round chambered, sending the spent shell casing spiraling towards the ground, smoke still pouring out of its open top. It landed, making a quite tapping sound.
Where's your friend?
The marine tracked the room, scanning. He reached up to his helmet, and adjusted the range finder to heat activated. The marines view was now bathed in colors, greens and blues. And one big red shape.
Nice try you little devil...
The glow that emanated form the pedestal was concealing the alien, bathing him in an invisible aura. It was as if a cloud had gathered around the alien, intent on smothering him. There was something stranger then this about the Covenant. He was staring absently into space, but had his weapon trained on the marine.
Not good...
The marine jumped from his perch, falling with grace. Laser fire tore through the pillar, slicing it in half. Large pieces of stone fell to the ground, showering the marine in dust. The Covenant fired again, the laser searing thought the dust, tearing open a part of the wall far behind. The marine kicked off the ground, jumping far into the air. Swinging around his weapon, still in the air as though all time had paused, the marine pressed back on the trigger, the kick of the weapon stopping his jump in mid flight. The Covenant's head pulped. Thick blue blood smeared the air, as the alien dropped backwards. The glow shot out of the alien's eyes for a moment and then silenced. The marine landed, his feet once again gracing the ground. The Covenant's gun flew into the air, its flashlight tossing blue light in random angles.
No lets find out what you were so interested in...
The marine walked over to the pedestal, feeling the glow rush around his body, billowing calmly. Stepping up to the pedestal, the marine pressed his hand against its surface. The billowing stopped, and the glow became perfectly still. Power flowed away from the glow, and into the marine. The glow that was left on the floor ran, vanishing into the corners. The marine stopped breathing as the power entered his body. Light shot out for his helmet, shooting out of his joints.
With out warning the entrance door burst open. Covenants rushed into the room, ten, maybe twenty. They were death, and they were after the marine. The marine turned to face them, but found himself immobile. He opened his mouth to scream, but the air in his lungs did not move.

And then everything went straight to hell. The room imploded into the pillar. Every thing turned into a perfect darkness, nothing but black... black as the void of space itself.

"Where am I?"
The marines voice echoed into the heavens.

A voice responded. As it spoke it became clear that it was not one voice but hundreds of voices, each one echoing into infinity.


The marine wished that he could see who was talking, as its voice was that of an angel. Pure, but simple, quite but thundering with the power of a million sources.

"Who is Damuis?"

"No! Damuis is gone! The fool. Didn't he see what the aliens would make of him?"

The voice spoke again.

"What ship are you from commander, Exlazer?"

The marine gasped.

"How did you know my name?"

"It does not matter commander. You must answer me, it is of grave importance."

"I... I'm form the 'Pillar of Autumn'."

"Did any other ships escape Reach?"

"The 6th fleet was completely destroyed. Non survived."

"I know. I was there."

The marine was greatly confused by all of this.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

The voice paused.

"I am the Hell of all Seasons. You are no where and everywhere."

"Am I still on the Halo?"

"The ring? Close by it. Now you tell me: is the pillar gone?"

"The Covenant destroyed it as we escaped."

"I understand. Tell me, how did you get here?"

"I pressed my hands against a pedestal. I was fighting the Covenant, and then everything disappeared..."

The marine stopped talking. The voice responded.

"I had an interesting conversation with a Covenant just a few minutes ago. He told me that my race was dieing out. Being wiped out in fact. He told me that his race was eradicating ours, as we were nothing but a plague. I didn't like him. I sent him back to the ring."
The marine explained that he had just shot and killed that very Covenant.

"Killing seems very futile now. We have lost. That's what I told Damuis, but he didn't believe me. The cursed fool!"

"There are only about 2,000 of us left, we are hopping to find out what this ring is... We need help or we will lose this war."

"Are you asking for my help?"

"Yes I am. You must know something about this Halo."

"I understand. I have nothing left here anyway... Now that Damuis is gone."

"Will you come back to the ring with me?"

"I will."

And then the world exploded.