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Zanzibar story
Posted By: Mr.Revenge<jaime@compuserve.com>
Date: 9 February 2005, 12:37 AM

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This tory is about the battle that took place on Zanzibar.About Marines fighting Covenant.
''Listen up here ladies!''The Sergent barked
Tom quickly woke up.They were going on some mission to some place called zanzibar to rid the covenant their.They had been in a pelican listening to the SGt.

''Were gonna drop you off on the beach where you will meet with Bravo and Delta squad.From their you will make your way to the base,by either the seawall or the gap in the sea wall.As you can see we will be giving you some warthogs and a tank.Now get ready so-''

The Sgt. was cut off by a explosion that rocked the pelican.Pvt.Tom Santore grabbed onto the wall of the pelican.

''Were goin down!MAY DAY!!!!the pilot said

Tom could fell the pelican drift to the ground and hit the ground.The marines were thrown across the cargo bay hitting the walls,seats and other marines.Once everyone had regained consious everyone readied their rifles.The Sergent went over to the back of the pelican to the doors.

''Okay,I'm gonna open this door and were gonna run out to the beach.Try to get behind cover once we hit it.''The Sergent said

''Sir,what if we didn't land on the beach?What if we are in the base compound and those damn covenant are right outside?''Tom said

''Then we will fight them.'' The Sergent said

He readied his rifle and pressed the button.The door opened roughly and water spilled inside the cabin.Tom was glad that his feet had atleast got wet.He had been in the pelican for hours with a bunch of other smelly soliders.

The pelican was flipped over in the ocean.Luckily it wasn't far out.In the distance they could see that turrents were firing on Bravo and Delta squad on the beach.

''Where the hell is our tank?''A PVT.asked

''Their,Tom do you know how to drive a scorpion?The Sergent asked''

''Yeah I do.''
''Then get in it and blast those turrents!!!''

The rest of the marines waddled to the beach,firing their battle rifles at the covenant.Tom moved through the water that was up to his waist.

This was just like the historic battle D-Day,when all those soldiers invaded the beach to get rid of the enemy.Tom thought.

He finally made it to the tank.He jumped ontop of it.The water was high enough to cover the top,but not alot.He opened the hatch and the water spilled in.He quickly jumped in and sat in the damp seat.Water was wetting his feet again.

He turned the ignition and moved the tank towards the beach.He locked the turrent on one of the plasma turrents that was firing at the marines.He fired.The heavy round hit the target and blew it into pieces.He finally made it onto the beach,he sprayed a group of grunts with the chain gun mounted on the turrent.

Tom slaughtered most of the opposition until a wraith tank came.It came right out of the gap from the seawall and began firing at tom.Tom quickly reversed the tank dodging a ball of plasma.He targeted the wraith and fired a round.It tore through the air and hit the Wraith.The wraith blew up,and another secondary explosion happened.

Just as he was about to kill some other covies the hatch opened.Tom looked up as the light filled the dark tank.A covenant jackal stood looking in with his plasma pistol at the ready.Tom reached out and grabbed the jackal by the throat.He squezzed it as hard as he could while the jackal firied his plasma pistol frying a control consol.The jackal finally died.Tom threw the jackal out of the way of the hatch and crawled out.He was ready to fight off more covenant but he noticed the marines were making their way to the sea wall to assualt the base.Tom jumped down off the tank and dropped into the blood stained sand.He jogged to the stairs to the sea wall where two marines where standing guard.

''Marines,Where is the Sergent?''Tom asked

''He went up through that hole in the wall with his sniper rifle.I guess he went to lead his team in.''The marine said

Tom ran up the stairs to the hole in the wall.He reached it and peaked around the cornor.It was dark only small lights lit the room.To his right was another group of stairs that lead into the area.He looked down to see a barricae their with marines firing at the covenant with a mounted machine gun.Tom went to the right and leveled his battle rifle.He walked up a small flightof stairs and saw the most disgusting scene.

Blood was splattered across the walls.Burning corpses were on the ground in front of a opening to the compound.He looked and saw a sniper rifle across one of the soldier's body.He leane closer to read the name.It was Sgt.Mills.

"God damn aliens!!!"He said as his rage began to rise.He leveled his battle rifle and jumped down to the ground out of the hole and ran behind a rock.He fired a the grunts commanding the turrents.He zoomed in and blew their brains out.He quickly ran from behind the rock to the base.

Okay I know it isn't that good and the grammer isn't very well.But the next one will be way better.I'm just so tired.