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Dead juggurnaut walking.Part 1 of 2
Posted By: Mr.Revenge<jaime@Aol.com>
Date: 6 January 2005, 12:50 AM

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Earth military calander 2553 onboard ship utah

Lt.Joe Santore woke up from the cryo bed.He was on earth a military colony in antarica.Ther was a outbreak of a virus known as the flood that was captured on the ring world halo and brought back here.Santores team was despacted to kill it
easy job to kill one of them but these two guys were tough flood juggurnat a new kind of flood.

He got up and notived other cryo beds on the space craft that was taking them ther.He had one of the best teams a helljumper could have.He had a Special ops sniper named Reg he could pick offf a target from 120 miles away,Jack that was ther driver who used to race,Zack who was ther explosive expert, and tom that was ther infantry man.

The cryos unattched and the rest of them slowly got out.

Uh shit.Zack said as he spit flem out of his mouth

Your tellin me Reg said

Helljumpers! They all got out of ther tubes and stood at attention.

As many of you know we have been sent here to kill the virus.3 other teams are goiing to be sent in and we will all meet at the extraction point in the middle of the complew here.he said pointing towards a building on screen.
Since this is a virus the unsc wants us to take unique and normal weapons to arm us with.Here is a list i am passing out pick witch one you want.

Reg lookeed down the the list.And started reading out loud
Flamethrower,grenade launcher,rocketlauncher,Gun turents,Bio gun and battle rifles.

Jeez Luitentit they are arming us like we are to take out a freaking colony!

well apearently the flood have made a new kind a juggurnat that is extremly powerful and hers two of them.From our intelligence that 1 of them killed over 300 people in that facility alone.Imagine what the death toll is with that and the other flood forms that wil be awaiting us...

Earth military complex in antartica.ODST landing zone.

The pod door opened and Lt santore jumped out with his flamethrower and battle rifle in hand.They had been sent right out side of the facilty on the bridge along with a warthog.

Jack jumped in and started it up everyone piled in and we flew oer the bridge to the facility.WE finally made it to the entrance.We opened the door and walked in.It was dark inside mechanical robots and bodies were everywhere.The squad walked in in a triangle formation.They walked to a larger door pounding on the other side.Loud pounding.The team put the turrents infront of the door and got ready.Joe opened it and the dor slid open.In the door was the most horrific scene ever.

A huge creature loomed in the door way.Tentacles came out of all directions.It stood taller that a hunter.The flood juggunaut.


The helljumpers didn't need any command to do that.They fired the bullets into the creature.It got angier and ran towards Zack and Jack.They ignited ther flamethrowers and shout flames at it.IT smacked them against a wall 30 feet in the air.They laid against the ground ther bones stuck out from ther skin zacks head was ripped off completly and Jack's legs were bent in disfiguring areas.

Reg,Joe and tom decided that if lag guns couldn't take this damn ugly bastard than maby a rocket would.Red hurried and climbed ontop of a box of crates along with tom and shoot at the creature getting its attention.Joe ran past it as fast as he could and grabbed zacks Rocket laucnher and grenadelauncher off the ground.He fired the rocket once and the rocket wizzed out and blasted the creature.jow waitied for the smoke to clear.It was still standing only with a little hole in its back.

Joe was horrified and grabed the grenade launcher in one hand and held the rocket in the other.He let out a warcry and fired both at the same time greande aafter grenade,rocket after rocket.Ther was so much soke o one could see.Finally it cleared.The creature was blown in half trough the middle.it was still living.He walked over to it and saw that ther was a spore in the middle controling it.He pulled out his pistol and aimed at it.

Welcome to Earth bastard.he said and blasted a round to it.It pooped into little pieces of skin.Now he said turning around. To find the others and kill the other one.He and the rest of the team walked through the big bulk head to find the rest of the team and kill the new threat...