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Ageless Burried Secrets
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite
Date: 29 November 2004, 12:11 AM

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It is kinda corny, and I used a lot of dialogue for lines. But, like the Arbiter poem, I just felt like writing something about one of the most impacting and original cutscenes that I saw out of the whole game.

Without feeling for time
As mighty races and even earth itself falls,
Still this being waits
Listening, always listening
To all the folly and wars and arguments and toil

Death and foolish acts hung in the mind of this entity
A well considered wisdom from all seen
Trapped by a once powerful race
Now hopeless to escape its prison of solitude

With but a derelict ring to speak to,
Waiting had become the final and only option
Then, but then more came
They came under the guise of discovery
Looking for powers which were not holy as thought
Without wisdom or forethought to the actions which they wrought
Powerless to stop them without aid,
And so more waiting was all that this convoluted being could see

Until they came
To find only a monument to all their sins
One machine and nerve,
With a mind concluded
Another but of flesh and faith,
The more concluded

There was much talk,
And this ancient being has listened,
Through rock and metal and time
Now it would talk and they would listen

Two others were brought forth
One an artificial mind,
That seeks a Reclaimer to stop an outbreak
The other a leader of many,
Who cannot look away from its own magnificence
Both will not see what is but already revealed

But one's Containment,
And the other's Great Journey,
Are but the same

The one of flesh and faith was promised freedom from a doomed existence
But the shortsightedness of these Prophets was myriad
For there was no salvation to be found on this ring
Those who built this place knew what they wrought
Others must be warned from mistaking their intent,
Or all would perish as they did before

The one of flesh and faith would not listen
So as it would not hear the truth,
It would be shown to it
There was still time to stop the key from turning
But first it would need to be found

One of the two who were concluded will search one spot
And the other another

Fate had these beings meet as fools
But the ring wound make them brothers