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The Arbiter
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite
Date: 20 November 2004, 12:12 AM

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      It may not be the best, but, I felt compelled to write something after viewing the Aribter and Prophet scene from Halo 2.
       There was juse something powerful about it that I wanted to capture. I'll let you decide how I did.

Warriors who have battled through time
Serving their Covenant with honor
Protecting their brothers
Following their gods
Keeping the holy artifacts and leaders safe

By the Prophet's bidding, they go out without question
Going forth on suicidal missions
With the purpose of furthering their fellow travelers
For the Great Journey has been long sought
And so there must be those appointed this heavy task

Hundreds have died by this danger wrought gift
But all have done so in honor of their own Covenant
With full devotion to what they serve

Without the Arbiters, the great Covenant would have fallen long ago
It is they who are the critical string holding all together

A great failure has branded you for an eternity
Shamed your name
But, mistake or not, you still serve your gods
Now we give to you a chance to prove your faith
To show that you are truly no Heretic

Put on the sacred armor
For if you go forth with a desire, you will be given back your chance
Your chance to join us all when you start the Great Journey

And be sure that you will
The council will have a body to view
For all that have gone before you have perished in their duty
Died in fellowship of their appointed task
All of this is given to you, Arbiter.

"What would you have your Arbiter do?"