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A Derelict Hell
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite
Date: 26 October 2004, 10:58 PM

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A void
An expanse
Something giant and, in ways, beautiful
Rotating gracefully, glinting in the light from stars
Upon a Threshold, before a Basis, built strong

But still, beyond
Beyond beauty and awe
Past graceful and majestic architecture
Hidden away from jagged snow-capped mountains
Not but a whisper in a rolling, grassy field
Un-audible before a thundering waterfall
And buried deep beneath crashing waves of glistening seas
A monster waits

Something hideous beyond compare
An evil too great to comprehend
Reaching tendrils of ghastly beings barely contained
Glowering minds of countless intelligences
All sleeping
All waiting
Waiting for their moment to come
A moment where they could be allowed to issue themselves forth

This, this an more sat held
Out in the unknown
Hid away from sentients that could start the end

Wise minds
Perhaps seeing too far than they should
Trying to stop a terrible power
Or hold and change it to even more gargantuan darkness
Thought to be under complete constraint

So there is sat
A world, if one dare called it
Derelict and alone
Waiting patiently through time
Shrouded in darkness
Surrounded by illusion

Until curiosity sparked undue interest
Now, entire civilizations would fall
Powers too self-indulgent to take the time
The time to look at consequences
To consider the future
To ponder the end

And so, in this fashion; Hell itself is allowed to spread