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Victories last hope Ch2 hell hole of war
Posted By: me<gumdosword@comcast.net>
Date: 18 February 2005, 10:38 PM

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I was now a marine fighting on a planet unofficially called "hell." The world was as close to the sun as humanly safe; it was so close the Covenant didnt need to glass it. Our platoon was trying to take back the city of Amackle. Below me was a major crossing. Only from here could we move to other parts of the city,and of course it was controlled by the covenant. His squad were about to attack the hardpoint; the problem was there were around 5 elites and supporting grunts and jackals who had set up shields around the middle of the room. The elites and few grunts were inside the circle made by the shields. The rest of the grunts had set up turrets around the shield wall forming the outer ring. The jakals formed an inner ring. I saw the singnal made by the sarges hand light in the shade of one of the doors. It blinked in old morse code "attack in 2 minutes ready skylight maneuver." I felt a sense of pride I had created this special maneuver. I looked to the others "Fasten your harnesses we drop in 2 minutes, remeber gernades first then open up full auto on the survivours." the other 3 understood. One said "This is gonna be fun." I checked my MA5B assult rifle I was one of the fer that didnt have a Battle rifle; I was also the only one in our squad not using a smg, but my rifle had some advantages. I had upgraded the rifle to give me better accuracy and range. The best part was dragon gernade launcher attached to the bottom. It was a new type of gernade it shot out superheated shrapnel that had a better chance of penetrating shields. I glanced at my mission clock 10 seconds, I checked my harness 5seconds, I shouldered my rifle 0 seconds, my squad jumped down the hole in the roof flying past the various floors. We stopped 3 floors above the elite just as planned and fired our gernades.
Only one survivor who had broken his legs, hands, and was bleeding badly. I yelled hold fire, dropped and booted him in the head. Our the rest of our platoon attacked weakening one side of the perimeter as a diversion. They withdrew as the jakals reinforced that area. We then switched off the shields and stealthily killed the turrets on the opposite side. I disengaged one of the turrets and turned it around. One of the jakals noticed and yelled at the grunts and other jakals. The grunts manning the turrets Turned around and got off the turrets when they noticed they couldnt get us. As soon as the jakals turned and tried to maneuver around the shields in their path the platoon they had forgotten opened fire in their exposed backs.
Covenant deystroyer
HE had benn named the very day he had killed the ifidel and could not find a name that tell of his deeds In his language or the other speicies of the covenant. He then found the name in the infidels inferior language. Blood.
He had grown in honor in his species but he could not take the place of honor gaurd till he finished his debt of the blood honor. His fleet hovered over the contested planet. It was named anashite in the inferior tounge. HE was here because he had heard the one that had his debt that could only be paid for by the infidels blood or his. ____________________________________________________________
The dream came upon him again he was standing in this black room suddenly stars appeared and it fet like he was walking in space. He saw his home world he was in that same room he saw his father standing there saying "why didnt you save me Greg" he reapeted that line over and over till th elite appeared. I killed his father. it turned tword him he heard his words "your friends and family shall be mine infidel." he then saw that same elite kill his frineds in front of him and each time saying "youre friends infidel then you you shall suffer as you deserve to." Finally he saw his last remaining friend. The elite walked behind me "he shall die" the elite whispered "and I will kill him and with his last breath he will curse you."
David was on watch, he turned and saw his friend shaking. The same nightmare that had haunted him for over 2 years. He walked over to wake his friend up and heard him saying "They died-." David shook his friend awake "dont worry it was only a dream"he said when suddenly hundreds of phantoms screamed overhead. The platoon quickly woke up and the commander said "Back to base double time unless you want to die in this God forsaken place."
Greg ran with the others in his platoons and heard someone say "Its always God forsaken why cant we ever be stationed where God is." I replyed on the run "Wars hell get used to it."
As they ran back to base which was the "crossroad" they had taked they ran in to a covenant kill batalion. Hundreds of grunts, at least 10 elites, and 20 drones. The jakals werent seen till a lance of plasma shot at a corpral. "SNIPERS RUN" yelled a frightened pfc. When they got to the halway that led to the crossroads. I turned around and opened up with the ar. Grunts that were thrying to kepp up were mowed down. And the large group behind them fell tto a barrage of dragon gernades. At base they had repositioned the shields to act as doors. The sarge had just reached the shield door. I heard him yell let us in. I kept concetrating on rear gaurd when I ran out of ammo. "Shit" I reached for another clip when I heard the unique sound of a plasma sword. I looked up and saw an gold elite "much honor you will bring" the translation software whispered in my ear. I pulled my standard issue combat knife and one of the 5 knives my dad had given me. This was the only one that looked like a standard combat knife. I still saw the glow on the inside of the crystal. After 2 years it still shone as bright if no brighter then when I first got it.
The crystal knife was in my main (right) hand the standard issue in my left. My standard issue was held with the blade in the stabbing position blade down. My crystal knife was held blade up. I dodged his first swing and my standard issue stabbed at his hand. His shield flared at his claw and my crystal knife flashed up and pierced his shield and split the muscles in his arm. Before I pulled the knife out the shield looked like it was pulled tword the knife. My standard issue flashed tword his knee and was repelled by the shield. My crystal knife landed solidly in his lower stomach. I kept pushing with one hand and niticed the shield "pull" tword the knife and the glow in the knife grew brighter. My other hand flew around past his shoulder and the standard issue slipped into his neck at the top of his spine and pulled it to the right side. I felt the blood spray on my hand. The crystal knife pulled and smoothly rotated into the down position in my hand and glided across the front of his neck. He collapsed into me as he lost controll of his body. I felt the elite die as his purple blood spilled on me. I was drenched in what loked like purple. Vengeance began now.