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HALO II: The Ardan Landings Part 3
Posted By: MaxThndr<MaxThndr@aol.com>
Date: 7 February 2002, 11:00 pm

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     The Master Chief walked up to the keyboard and pushed the LOWER key followed by a 1 and the EXECUTE button. The MJOLNIR armor lowered within the glass case. The case opened and the Master Chief walked up to the suit and pulled it off its holder. He put on the suit and looked in the mirror. The suit was new and shiny, unlike his old suit, which had sustained more than enough damage after the many Covenant, Flood, and Sentinel attacks. He examined all the improvements Dr. Halsey and her crew made on the armor.
    He grabbed the helmet off its shelf within the glass case and held it under his left arm as he left the room. He walked down the hall to the elevator. He stepped inside and pushed the T button just as Dr. Halsey earlier. The elevator began to lower, making a beeping noise floor by floor. Finally, it arrived on Training Grounds. The Master Chief lifted his helmet and placed it firmly on his head.
    He looked around through the clearer visor, no one in sight. He pushed a button on his side and his HUD appeared on his visor. The improved Heads Up Display had much more options to monitor his health and everything he was using. He walked up a little forward and examined the area more closely before jumping into the nearest Warthog and driving as quickly as possible to the ammo bunker. While he was driving, Autoguns sprung from their hiding spots and all turned toward him.
    "Uh-oh" said the Chief as the guns all made clicking noises simultaneously.
    He drove the Warthog as fast as he could until the guns began to shoot. Bullets flew all over the place, a few even hitting him. He managed to slide the Warthog sideways and flip it over in front of the ammo bunker for protection. He ran as quickly as possible to the nearest gun and picked it up. It was a rocket launcher. He grabbed two extra rockets and two pistols from the shelves before running out the door again.
    As he ran, the Master Chief heard a loud boom followed by a squealing noise. He turned around to see his parked Warthog flying directly at him. The Chief ducked just as the Warthog flew over him and into an Autogun, destroying it. Behind him, the ammo bunker was transformed into just ashes. The Master Chief turned to the right of the bunker to see a Scorpion tank with its barrel aiming at the bunker. Slowly, the barrel turned to face the Chief. All around, him autoguns popped up and turned to face him. A Skyhawk flew directly above his head. Hundreds of Marines swarmed into the area, guns pointed at the Chief. The Chief thought he was doomed for when he heard a loud noise.
    "TRAINING, TERMINATE!" blared Dr. Halsey's familiar voice on the loudspeaker.
    As he headed towards the elevator, the Master Chief sighed that he didn't manage to defeat his opposition. He walked up to door and pushed the button. The doors slid open and Dr. Halsey stood inside.
    "What's going on, Chief?" she asked him.
    "I don't know. I haven't trained for so long and yet, I thought I was prepared. Guess not." he replied.
    "Don't worry. This was just a test to see your individual capabilities. Don't forget that you won't be alone on Ardan," she reassured him.
    "Now, go get some..." she began.
    "What could that be?" she asked as the Master Chief walked into the elevator to join her.
    She pushed the 5 button and the elevator began moving. When they arrived, they walked down the halls to the lab. The doors opened after she typed in her password and got her eye scanned. She walked to another doctor, who seemed to be in a hurry.
    "Dr. Halsey, we are receiving a message from Ardan that the Covenant forces are preparing to advance. We are being notified to send our crew ASAP," said the doctor.
    "But we're not ready! We still have extensive training we need to send the Marines through. There's just not enough time!" yelled Dr. Halsey.
    "It's ok, doctor. We're ready to go if they need us," replied the Chief.
    "Are...are you sure, Chief? I mean...what if you don't...or...there's just not enough time for that!" yelled Dr. Halsey in response.
    "Doctor, they need us. We can't let them lose this battle, or else we'll be next. I've got a mission and I'm gonna complete it!" said a determined Master Chief.
    "Very well. Doctor, please get the Doomsday ready. I'll get the troops ready. Chief, grab what you need and get aboard the ship, 'cause you're going on a joyride!" yelled Dr. Halsey.