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HALO II: The Ardan Landings Part 2
Posted By: MaxThndr<MaxThndr@aol.com>
Date: 6 February 2002, 11:40 pm

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İİİİ"Dr. Halsey....you're...you're...." stuttered the Master Chief.
İİİİ"...alive? After all the years, I figured you would already know that I'm quite a Spartan myself." interrupted Dr. Halsey.
İİİİ"How did you escape? I thought the Pillar of Autumn crew were the only survivors."
İİİİ"If you still remember, the Spartan-II project was just beginning when the Covenant attacked. Well, the plans were that the project would take place on a rather uninhabited planet. At the same time, I had plans of researching the mysterious matter you found. I did a little research and found that the patterns on the rock can be traced to the Halo structure. So, I chose to use the nearby planet Siege as our base of operations for the Spartan-II project. We contacted the inhabitants on Siege to make arrangements for our arrival. They told us that we were free to come and examine the planet prior to our final settlement. So, a few members of the UNSC and I boarded a ship and flew to Siege. When we arrived, we heard about the destruction of Reach and all of the Spartans."
İİİİ"Yes, all of the Spartans were K.I.A. except for me. I managed to escape, along with Captain Keyes and about five hundred Marines, on the Pillar of Autumn. Unfortunately, the Covenant followed us to the Halo complex and tore us apart. Cortana and I were the only survivors."
İİİİ"How horrible. At least you did what you had to do...for Earth. Chief, you've got a lot of information to catch up on, we better get started."
İİİİ"I'm ready, where should we start?" replied the Master Chief.
İİİİ"First of all, I need everything you happened to pick up or record or remember from the Halo. Please remove your helmet and your suit and give me everything you have brought with you."
İİİİ"Well, I haven't really brought anything with me due to a little problem I had in escaping, but I do have Cortana and Captain Keyes' helmet recording chip."
İİİİThe Master Chief took off his helmet and his suit and gave the helmet chip to Dr. Halsey.
İİİİ"Chief, we have a lot of upgrading we have to do, both to you and to your artillery. But before I tell you about what you will be upgrading to, I need to inform you about what has occurred while you were on Halo. Surely, you haven't forgotten the Cole Protocol, right?"
İİİİ"Yes, I remember." replied the Chief.
İİİİ"Well, there is currently an intergalactic conflict we are having based on a Cole Protocol violation. Earlier this month, a UNSC ship encountered a Covenant fleet close to the planet Ardan. The Captain of the ship believed that if he landed on the planet, then he would be backed up by the planet's armed forces. Unfortunately, he was wrong and the Covenant conquered one-fourth of the planet. Luckily, they were unaware that there are more humans living in cities all around the planet. These communities are far more technologically advanced than we are but this may soon come to an end, as the Covenant are slowly advancing on their location. This has led me to begin the Spartan-III project. The new Spartan soldiers have already been selected. You will be using advanced armor, a new, advanced HUD, new weapons, and new vehicles. Your mission will be to land on Ardan and neutralize all Covenant threat. Please try to bring back any Covenant information and/or Covenant technology if you can. Be aware, though, that the Covenant on Ardan are also technologically advanced."
İİİİ"Don't worry, Dr. Halsey, this will be a piece of cake."
İİİİ"Great, 'cause the mission starts in a week." replied Dr. Halsey.


İİİİ"Step right in here please," said an aide.
İİİİThe Master Chief walked into a small chamber. A stationary fork surrounded him. The aide pressed a few buttons on her panel and the fork's prongs shot a red beam to each other. She pressed a few other buttons and the fork began revolving.
İİİİ"This is to determine your current health and to determine what you will be needing before you start training,"
İİİİAfter a few minutes, readings began to show up on the aide's monitor. She looked at them and typed something up. The machine made a noise and the beam changed to a dark orange color.
İİİİ"The readings show that you are healthy, but that if you don't upgrade your armor now, the new Covenant plasma weapons will disintegrate your shields with one hit, and if they can break through your shields in one hit, you wouldn't wanna know what a hit to you without shields would do."
İİİİThe machine started beeping and finally slowed down and stopped. The beam melted into the air. The aide went to the monitor again and checked the readings. Finally, she entered a send address and pressed a button to send the information to Dr. Halsey.
İİİİ"Thank you for your time, Master Chief." said the aide.
İİİİ"No, thank you." the Master Chief said as he left the room.
İİİİThe Master Chief walked down a series of hallways to a room with a sign saying HALSEY. He walked in to find Dr. Halsey looking at the new MJOLNIR armor in a glass case.
İİİİ"Hello, Chief. Please sit so we can discuss your mission briefing and the details of what will be occurring in the next few days. First of all, you will need new armor. Your current MJOLNIR armor is far outdated and will be destroyed easily with the growing Covenant technology. Tomorrow at 0500 hours, you will report to the testing facility to update your suit. Now, allow me to explain the features of your new suit. First of all, the suit is equipped with a new and improved Heads Up Display, or in more familiar terms, HUD. Your new HUD will feature the option to enable a display of the suit and see which areas of your body have been damaged. This will be essential since the more damage an area takes, the more likely it is to disintegrate and reveal your body, which is very dangerous in battle. Another feature of your new HUD is the on-screen chargers menu. It shows all forms of charging in one area on your right side. These bars include plasma weapons recharge, flashlight charge, and your shields, and any of these can be turned of. As for the actual suit, it is now equipped with more areas to place your weapons and ammunition. You are now able to carry two small guns and a large one or just two large ones, or whatever you want the combination to be. Also, the suit features night vision, infrared vision, a heat scanner, and a thermo-suit, which adjusts your body heat to blend with that of the environment in case your opponents are using heat scanners. Are you still with me?" questioned Dr. Halsey.
İİİİ"Yeah, sure. I'm listening. Continue, please." replied a worn-out Master Chief.
İİİİ"Great. Next on your agenda: you will need to equip yourself with new weapons, vehicles, and technology. I cannot tell you too much about weapons, you will need to speak to Commander Arin on that matter. I can tell you about the new vehicles you will be using, though. The two main vehicles you will be using will be the Cobra MBH and the D12 Skyhawk. I'm sure you are familiar with the Skyhawk. The Cobra, on the other hand, you will need to familiarize yourself with. The MAV45 Cobra Main Battle Helicopter will be your tertiary source of transportation and destruction once you arrive on Ardan. It can carry up to three passengers and is very powerful, no matter what it is used for. You will be using the Cobra when you are done with your missions to transport yourself to your next destination. When you're in the Cobra, please follow the intercom instructions from the crew of the Echo 516. There is much more I can discuss with you about the vehicles you will be using, but we are short on time. Any questions?"
İİİİ"No, no questions. Continue." replied the Master Chief.
İİİİ"Ok. On to your mission. Your mission will be to land on Ardan using the Pillar of Autumn's sister ship, Doomsday. During landing, MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR OF THE COVENANT! If the Covenant find that you are there, they will move forth with their invasion. Once on the surface, stay clear of the Covenant and find the location of the humans there. You will assist them with repairs and you will help them prepare an army to fight Covenant forces. If at any point during the mission you find that the Covenant are advancing, hide in the underground cities built by the people of Siege. During the course of your stay, make attempts to build ground machinery to decimate Covenant forces. I will provide Doomsday with advanced plasma autoguns that you will try to set up on the surface. For a more detailed mission briefing, please check the records in the test lab under the name PROJECT: ARDAN. Once again, any questions?" finished Dr. Halsey.
İİİİ"Yes, just one question. What will I be doing for one week?"
İİİİ"Good question, Chief. Why don't you follow me and find out." answered Dr. Halsey.
İİİİDr. Halsey got up and left the room. Master Chief followed. They walked down a long hallway to a service elevator. Dr. Halsey pushed the T button. The elevator's doors closed and it moved down. After seven seconds, the doors opened once again. A cold wind blew into the elevator as they stepped out. The Master Chief looked around. He was surrounded be Scorpions, Warthogs, and various other vehicles he had never seen before. Straight ahead was a large shelter with a sign that read AMMO BUNKER. Next to the vehicles stood large autoguns. Around the vicinity was a large barbed wire fence. As the Master Chief was examining, hundreds of Marines walked out from every direction.
İİİİ"Doctor, where are we?" asked the Master Chief.
İİİİ"Welcome to training, soldier." came her reply.