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HALO: The Ardan Landings Chapter 1 (rewritten)
Posted By: MaxThndr<MaxThndr@aol.com>
Date: 23 April 2002, 2:07 am

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0800 Hours, August 27, 2552 (Military Calendar) / Epsilon Eridani System, FLEETCOM Military Complex, planet Reach

"Assembled here tonight," said Dr. Halsey, "are all surviving Spartans save three, who are otherwise engaged on fields of combat too distant to be easily recalledÖ"

0600 Hours, November 13, 2552 (Military Calendar) / UNSC Phoenix, planet Siege

United Nations Space Command INTERCEPT PRIORITY TRANSMISSION 05247B-48
Encryption Code: PhoenixLanding
Public Key: file /phoenix-siege/
From: Master Chief Petty Officer 117
To: Ardan Alpha Docking Station Control Tower
Subject: URGENT- Inbound UNSC fighter
Classification: Public (Docking Directive)

/start file/
Attention Docking Bay crew. There is an inbound UNSC Longsword heading towards docking bay 319. Please prepare for docking. Thank You.
/end file/

The fighter had been running low on fuel and received a large blow to the right wing after barely escaping the Forerunner Halo construct. It had flown through space until it finally reached the planet Siege. On Siege lies the last hope of the now-veteran Master Chief. The Chief had fought the Covenant many times in the past, but this time was different. This time, billions upon billions of lives were on the line: both human and inhuman. The destruction of the Halo had also left a lasting side effect: the flood virus was now free to spread among 25,000 light-years and nothing could stop it. Nothing, except Spartans.
İİİİİThe Phoenix flew at reduced speed through many docking gates until it reached 2 large open doors with "319" painted on them in red paint. As the ship flew inside, the gate closed behind them, making a loud noise. Finally, Phoenix hovered over the docking area. The ground under the ship slid open, revealing four clamps. The clamps rose and attached themselves to four spots located on the bottom of the ship. Slowly, they lowered themselves back into their original place.
İİİİİThe fighter door opened and the Master Chief stumbled out, still soaked in cryo-fluid. He got up and wiped himself off. Upstairs, a door opened and five men made their way to an elevator. The transparent glass chamber lowered and the men walked to the Master Chief. They stood in front of him and saluted. Master Chief responded with a salute of his own.
İİİİİOne of the men stepped in front of the rest. "Hello, Master Chief. I am Commander Arin. I will be working with you on examining the occurrences on the Halo and on future missions. Right now, though, you should head to the doctor and get yourself cleaned up."
İİİİİ"Nice to meet you, commander. I will head to the doctor immediately, I just need to go pick up my A.I., Cortana." replied the Master Chief.
İİİİİHe climbed up the ramp and walked to a panel at the front of the ship. He pulled out a chip and placed it into his head.
İİİİİ"Finally! I was getting tired of sitting in there, waiting for you to wake up." snapped Cortana.
İİİİİ"You know, it seems like you were having fun, I could put you back if..."
İİİİİ"...NO! No, it's ok. I can come with you."
İİİİİThe Master Chief took the elevator to the third level and walked down a hall to a door with a big red cross on it. He pushed a button on the side panel and the doors slid open. Inside, someone was sitting a chair facing away from the Master Chief. As he walked in, the chair spun around, revealing Dr. Halsey.
İİİİİ"Glad you could make it, Chief."