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Ep 1 The First Strike
Posted By: marvin burgueno<marvinburgueno@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 December 2009, 5:13 am

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Major.F Stark:Troops this is going to be the first strikes were sending. None of us know what these aliens can do but were going to take back that base camp.The first wave will be tanks, warthogs, marines and second wave shall be odst and one Spartan. 147 was sent by Oni they said don't get in 147 way in combat.

Odst and marines whispering:whats so special about him.Oni sent him man I hope he doesn't self destruct.

Major.F Stark: Private Storm, Captain Winter both of you will be videoing what's going down there we install the camera on your helmets now everyone get rest for tomorrow.

Sgt.R Floyd: Alright everything's down lets move out.
(2 hours later in battle)

marine:Move it! Move it!

Sgt.R Floyd:Fire at will!

Pvt.V Storm:Sergent the Captain and odst are coming in.

Winter and the other odst opens their pods once hit the ground running towards cover.Winter kept on running to Floyd an Storm with 147 and Hadley running along.

Cpt.J Winter:Storm what's the situation.

Odst:medic over here

Pvt.V Storm:We've been holding out as long we can most of our marines are KIA we tried going full attack but it didn't work out they have a sniper and a turret that's holding us back all they've been doing is seeing if we could surpass their defensive.

Cpt.J Winter:What happen to the lieutenant?

Pvt.V Storm:The lieutenant is dead he's the one that gave that order.

Cpt.J Winter: That idiot for now hold them off tell all of the odst is up to us.

Cpt.J Winter:vehicles coming up guys.

Sgt.R Floyd:They're killing us!

Pvt.R Hadley:Not for long rocket crew up.

rocket crew took out all of the vehicles but unfortunately sniper and some aerial assault killed them.
147 picked up a rocket and shot the ship down.

Pvt.V Storm:Captain all odst is here.

Cpt. J Winter:Floyd, Storm take the building on the right and snipe these bastards, me, Hadley and the rest will flank left 147 you will be suppressing fire from the middle.
Move it soldiers!

The first three odst moving forward was shot by the turret then 147 started shooting at them taking out some small aliens on the wall.Alien jumps a front of an odst and slashes him with his sword killing more odst untill Hadley shoots the alien.They move up to the base while Floyd, Storm are holding off the aliens that are marching forward.

Cpt.J Winters:You three hadley throw your grenades now.

the aliens that was close was blown up, winter came out with the battalion behind him charging at the aliens and shooting.Storm took out the other sniper and turret.
Winter dodge an alien that was swinging a sword at him and shot the alien in the back.All of the aliens started retreating back to their ships fleeing from the battle ground.

odst:Yeah we won!

Cpt.J Winter:Hadley radio for pick up.Everyone take all the alien weapons and bodies in two separate piles.
Sergent assemble a squad to see if there is any aliens still here.

Pvt.R Hadley:Finish radioing the ship sir.

(Back on the ship)

Major.F Stark: you did well Winter now you've capture the base were sending you and your squad to a different planet they've called for our support and were only sending you and of coarse the Spartan shall go with you.The reason is because we still need to study this planet.

Cpt. J Winter:Wait I-I thought Oni send 147 to stay here and guard.

Major. F Stark: well no his real assignment was to go in and fight also Oni wanted this Spartan to go wherever he must be needed for now go and get your squad and gear up.

Cpt.J Winter:Pack up guys were heading out as reinforcement in a near by planet its just going to be us and the spartan also they don't have any ships its just ground troops for both sides and we can't spare this ship.

Pvt.V Storm:So is there going to be a ship to pick us up?

Cpt.J Winter:Of coarse Boston ship will be picking us up were just going to hold out for a while with them they're guarding a artifact.Now gear up.