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The Sword and the Shield chap 2
Posted By: Marshall Purewal<admiralprestoncole@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 December 2003, 10:29 PM

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[the story continues from my 1st chapter called [revielle]

Chapter 2 - Cavalry Has Arrived

SEPT 24 2553 [1200]

The humans had caught the Covies by surprise, and were giving them hell. As the two battlecruisers did evasive maneuvers to dodge enemy plasma bolts, their engines hastily tried to recharge the MAC's guns on the double.

The Archer II missiles were really effective at knocking out Covenant ships. The humans had not found a way to make plasma self guide itself, but they still knew how to make the potent weapon. These indigenous missiles carried plasma in it's gas state until mini lasers turned the plasma into liquid a few seconds before impact. In the missile's journey, the guidance package took care of making sure the weapon met its target. The HE warhead splits apart from the missile before the it hit, so if at least the plasma took the shields down, the warhead would fry the starships electronics. To making sure the missiles did not end up molten metal from point defense weaponries, the missiles were programmed to do evasive "S" maneuvers.

Has the Zeus's first batch of missiles streaked towards their target, the Covenant ships started to turn, and charge their weapons. Point defense lasers flashed trying to find their mark, but kept on missing. The missiles swerved ferociously trying to avoid getting a hit. Here and there some lasers found their mark, but of the missiles hit a ship. All around the Covenant fleet shields flashed and then went dead, and then the HE warheads went off, frying at least 80% of each ships electronics. Communication software's could not be sent off to ask for reinforcements, fiber optic cables carried to EMP to the onboard computers and rendering them useless.
With that the Covenant ships couldn't recharge their shields or charge their weapons. 75 Ships were out of the fight; the rest tried to regroup and used all their power to charge up the Plasma torpedoes. Red motes of light flowed along the remaining ships, and they were preparing for a full broadside.

The two cruisers split up, each covering one end of the enemy phalanx formation.

"Xerox! What are the most threatening ships, in the formation," Stanforth asked the ships AI

"I believe it is the 2 carriers and the cruiser sitting in the center of the formation Sir!" replied Xerox

"Naslund! Point the fore MAC's and the starboard ones at the carriers, the top and port cannons at the Cruiser, and tell the Zhuckov to give the rest of the ships another volley of missiles," Bellowed Stanforth.

"Aye, Aye, Sir" yelled Naslund.

The Zeus turned at the Covenant formation, and then the MAC's started to turn towards their targets has the Zhuckov let out a volley of missiles. The guns fired from the Zeus with a tremendous roar, has 30 rounds raced towards their targets. The rounds hit and tore through the carriers shields with tremendous force; the remaining rounds gutted the carriers like only they only had toilet paper for armor.

Covenant Cruiser The Holy Rise of the Gods
Reach Military Complex
Sept 24 2553 [1300]

Gullafff Oraaa was the captain of The Holy Rise of the Gods, and was a good one too. He had fought the first battle of Reach, and had gotten rid of the Super MAC Guns. So naturally he was shocked as he saw three of the fleets mighty carriers list and burn, and he screamed as they exploded.

"Tell the fleet to release all weaponry on those pathetic infidels!" roared Gullafff.

He watched the fleet fire their plasma weaponry at the battlecruisers, and from the corner of his eyes he saw 12 red-hot bolts race toward his ship. He rushed jumped to his chair and pulled the emergency thruster bar.

The cruiser started to jump away just has the MAC round hit the aft section of the ship. It started to lurch, has 3 more hit and wore down the shields.

"God help me!" prayed Gullafff

Then 8 rounds hit and tore through the cruiser. The ship fell, starting to lose power, the pilot tried has hard has he could to get the ship under his control. Suddenly! The ship started to break apart has it got into Reaches gravity well,and atmosphere. Gullafff said a prayer and The Holy Rise of the Gods disintegrated into millions of fragments in the atmosphere.

SEPT 24 2553 [1450]

AT last the final Covenant ship was cleared, and the Zeus was scanning for any single ship or enemy life pods that were ejected into space. As the mighty ship rounded the planet, Stanforth's heart jumped a beat. There was the Zhuckov, it was venting atmosphere at its port section near the bow.

"Get a comm. Link with the Zhuckov," Stanfoth growled.

An image popped up on the number three holotank, it was the Zhuckov's commander, Captain Douglas.

"Sir! Our bow port armor is at 2 meters with some breaches, multiple plasma bolts hit us, all of weapons are still online and electronics are 100%"spoke Douglas. "Forget about that sir, I detected there are still covie forces down at Reach.

"What is your total amount of soldiers, and vehicles in your ship Captain?" asked Stanforth

"500 ODST, 2000 marine regulars, 200 Warthogs, 150 Scorpion tanks, and 200 dropships" replied Douglas

"Good, I got same amount here"
"listen get your interceptors in the air and deploy them in the northern hemisphere, my fighters will take out the south," ordered Stanforth

"This is the begining of the end for the Covenants" the admiral whispered