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Mankinds Hope (Chapter 1)
Posted By: Marshall Purewal<admiralprestoncole@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 December 2004, 4:47 PM

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19:24 Hours, October 25, 2552
UNSC Vessel Georgi K Zhukov, Alpha Centauri system
In orbit around planet Madan.

It was a beautiful sight, a planet with a crystal blue ocean that surrounded a Pangea. There was not a hint of pollution, and on the far side lay a twinkle of lights coming from the many cities. Madan was the most advanced planet in the Human Empire, bustling with high tech cities, modern shipyards and labs. This is the birthplace of the Kirov class Battle Cruisers. Only 6 ships in total were constructed, and it started way back in 2530 when Admiral Cole won Harvest. The UNSC recognized that the Covenants could only be beaten back when human outnumbered them greatly, so the fleet needed a class of powerful warships that could fight back with no support against at least 5 enemy cruisers. For that the UNSC saw that the only solution was to go bigger in size, so that ships could carry more firepower. However, since Spartan 117 brought back information on Covenant technology, with Covenant Engineers, all of the Kirovs were refitted with new weaponry. With the Engineers help, the Kirovs were finished refitting within a month and were commissioned on Oct 19, 2552.

These ships stood at 10, 000-m long, nearly 1000-m wide and 1500 m tall. They supported 4 MAC guns at the bow and 24 Plasma Torpedo ports, located in the center. The rear had 10 massive hangers for the new Centurion fighter, which had shielding. These ships had 5 pulse generators, curtsey of Covenant technology, plus 6 integrated Fusion/Plasma engines. The Generators provided energy for the weapon systems plus for the 2 heavy shielding systems, and the engines could drive the ships at astonishing speeds. Since the new technology came after the hulls were built the Covenant engineers and the Humans decided to mix the organic Covenant hull material with the titanium battle plating. The result was pitch-black stealthy hulls, which were invisible to radar and Covenant scanners.

These ships were the Pride of the Human Fleet, and they consisted of the Georgi K Zhuckov, The Kirov, George S Patton, Vorsprung Durch Technik, Mao Tse Tong, and the Die Hard. These ships also came with new advanced AI's, that could not only hack into enemy systems, but their lifespan was infinite, because they had no intertwining parts.

"Indeed these ships were powerful," thought Commodore Paul van Buuren, as he looked out of the Zhukov's massive panoramic windows.

"It would be time to go fight the Covenant, at Earth. I only hope these ships could knock out those bastards."

"Sir! The ships are ready for jumping to Earth" reported Chelzz, the ship's AI.

"Tell them to jump in 1 minute"

"Aye Sir!" Chelzz replied.

The commodore nodded and he thought to himself on how technology evolved so fast. Chelzz the AI had no limits on her intelligence, and her appearance through her hologram was quite striking. He had never seen an AI that had an appearance of Chinese decent. He would have to test her abilities when the task force reached Earth.

"Chelzz! Tell the fleet that we will come out of slipspace behind the enemy. We will be the hammer, and the fleet will be the anvil." ordered Buuren

"Aye Sir!"

"Sir! Shall we jump?" asked the operations officer

"Granted!" replied Buuren. "The cavalry is about to arrive".

22:00 Hours, October 25, 2552
UNSC MAC Station Cairo
In orbit around Earth

Admiral Hood stood looking out the window, at his beloved home. Fires were springing up; green area's now turned brown, and cities starting to disappear under a red and yellow glow. Of the 300 MAC stations he had, only 150 were left, and they had to fend off a fleet of 300 Covenant ships, plus a Forerunner ship. What annoyed him was that he could not touch the triangular ship, because Spartan 117 was on it and he was going to capture the Prophet of Truth. The remaining human ships, 200 of them were regrouping on the far side of the Moon, to launch a counter offensive against the alien fleet.

"Captain Yoshi! Lead the attack head on to the Covenant, give em a volley of shells then launch the Archer's. After that engage them at point blank and the MAC stations will provide support." Ordered Hood

"Aye Sir!" Yoshi Replied.

As the human fleet started to move, the alien fleet came around the corner and opened fire with their Plasma Weaponry. The first alien volley took out 20 human ships, and damaged 10. The humans responded with a salvo of super-condensed shells, with thousands of Archer missiles. The lead alien ships were gutted with the shells and turned to paste with the missiles, but 280 alien ships still remained. The MAC stations gave a salvo, and took out another 20 ships, but still the humans were still grossly outgunned.

The human fleet now entered into the Covenant trap has the alien ships started to flank them, and cut them off. Just has it looked hope less for the humans; six super large slipspace holes teared open. To the fleet it looked like more Covenant ships, but on the screens in their ships it read friendlies.

On board the Zuckov, Commodore Buuren immediately started to put his flotilla into formation. The Zuckov was in the middle of the wall formation, so Buuren could instantly change the flotilla's formation from the usual wall type to the spearhead if the Covenant tried to flank them.

"Sir! The MAC's are charged as well as the Plasma Torpedoes." informed Chelzz

"Great tell the other ships to fire the MAC's my mark, and target the Plasma Torpedoes to the engine rooms of the ships." Buuren ordered