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Elite Black Spartans [episode 1 the cruisers menace]
Posted By: Marshall purewal<admiralpretoncole@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 August 2003, 4:47 PM

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UNSC Battle cruiser Zeus
Lunar Orbit
September 17 2552
0400 hours

Vladimir Gorbachov was the captain of the super battle cruiser Zeus. This was a ship the UNSC always dreamed of, because this ship was 20 k long and had a displacement weight of 500 million metric tonnes. The weaponry was 20 super mac cannons like the ones Reach had, 200 super powered Shiva warheads [2000 megatons each]. This ship had no archer missiles, but it had super heated plasma torpedoes in 600 oversized ports around the ship and fusion/fission core Shaw fujikowa slipstream reactors. This ship was larger and faster than 20 covenent carriers and it was faster than the fastest covenent ship.
For the point blank range for single ship fighters it had 1000 high powered lasers. The two most important things the ship had was the Shields that could take a beating of hundreds of plasma torpedo's and it carried 200 elite black Spartans.

The Zeus was stationed around lunar orbit around the moon and that's when Vladimir got a radio transmission. It was a longsword fighter; this was one of the many the Autumn carried. Then Vladimir heard a cool female voice

Cortana to Zeus this is Longword 19001 from The Pillar of Autumn, I have a Spartan, the only one who made it off reach called Cortana

Mother of pearl that's I thought those guy's were extinct, well if that guy made it off Reach, he could join the E.B.S
Thought Vladimir.

Open shield for bay 3 for 2 minutes and then turn it back on he ordered the shield operator named LT Ming

Aye sir replied Ming.

Well that Spartan might want to give the covenent a kick in the ball and bring them on their knees so I make him in charge of the E.B.S thought Vladimir

That's when he heard the radars started wailing and the radar operator SLT lee yelled 500 enemy ships heading for the sol system!

Vladimir yelled at the engines operator LT Simmers to bring the ship out of the orbit and fire the engines to burn at 75% and he saw the remaining 300 UNSC ships go start to make a wall formation around Earth. Earth had 40 Orbital Super M A C's and the moon had about 200 strategically placed super Shiva nuke launcher's , but it took 3 minutes to reload the big missile. The Zeus was created on Mars but the Covenent were coming via through Venus, and the humans got really lucky to because the moon was in the battlefield too, so they got more fire power and better protection.

Sir! The covenant is 2 minutes away from us called SLT Lee.

Charge the Super MAC's and arm 2 of the Shiva's and let's whoop some alien ass barked Vladimir.

Suddenly the space was full of green and organic space ships came out.

Sir! The MAC's are hot replied the weapon operator

Fire at will replied Vladimir

Homer wrote Zeus was the most Ferocious God and the most powerful, but in this battlefield Zeus was nothing like Homer's predictions it was more powerful. First the two Shiva's went dead center and exploded, 35 alien ships were destroyed and two thirds of the Covenent ships were left without shields. That's when the mac rounds from the Zeus and the orbital ones hit the ships taking them all out even the 10 carriers. In two minutes the aliens were left with only 200 ships and that was when 20 Shiva's came out of the moon and destroyed the remaining ships.

UNSC Battle Cruiser Zeus
Geo synchronous orbit Earth
September 17 2552
0550 Hours

This is a big ship Cortana, I mean no other ship was built like this one called John.

Well! This ship does have 10 000 marines, 5000 crew members, and I think you know about the shields and weaponry, replied Cortana.

How does this ship weigh so much, I mean Chicago is probably this much Asked John?

This ship has 4 meter thick Reactive Titanium A plus armor and it is 6 meter's around the engines, matter of factly replied Cortana.

Did you also know that the reactors provide enough energy to make this ship travel at 10 times the speed of light said Cortana.

Then John started to walk down to the artillery bay and when he saw it, he almost would have had a heart attack, if Cortana had not quickly changed his heart rate. In the hanger stood 200 Scorpion MK 2 battle tanks, 500 warthogs with the chain guns and seeker missiles. What astonished him the most were the 200 black Mjolnir dressed Spartans.

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