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Time and Again
Posted By: Mainevent
Date: 22 December 2003, 11:26 PM

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Hearts untainted
Minds at rest
Never having taken
The ultimate test

Can you do it
Can you kill
The awesome power
You'll come to feel

I came to feel it
And now I can't stop
Kill, Kill, Kill
Until they've all dropped

I turn my head
Trying to stave my thirst
But I have to get them
Before they get me first

I'm saving my race
Having fought so long
I dare you to try
And say what I've done is wrong

I killed all of them
From stem to stern
Parents, Children, Cities
I watched them burn

Looking back again
I see my error
Too emotionally involved
Too much of a terror

Those who created me
Were themselves frightened
By what they created
By what they'd enlightened

After the Covenant were gone
Who'd I kill then
Better to kill me
And start over again

But I wasn't so easy to destroy
For here and now you shall see
I am the master
Of my destiny

I can't be stopped by your mortal weapons
Your mortal flaws
Your mortal fears

I can't be killed by your mistakes alone
It's not my fault
That you dropped the bone

But in the end
I wasn't what I thought
You killed me with one
A bullet I wrought

You outwitted me finally
Never thought it would come
The day of today
Under this new shining sun

And after me
What did you do then
Exactly what I had predicted
You started again

Creating another
Souless and unjust
Youll have to kill it too
Do what you must

But one of these creatures
You won't outwit
It'll be to fast, to smart
And the end of it

And I'll be here
Dead where you left me
Laughing inside
Because you were to blind to see

The err of your ways
Was always before you
You were just too dumb
To add two and two

And now that it's over
I'll rest once again
Rotting in hell for what you made me do
Paying for my sins