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The Doctor's In
Posted By: Mainevent<Hobut@tuboh.net>
Date: 18 December 2003, 12:48 AM

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{AN}Just seeing if I still have it. I haven't written a poem in a while, so I figured I'd give it a go. Hit me up some feedback.

I'm one man
One mission
One gun

I'm a cargo train
Bringin the pain
Whats that on the wall
Coud it be your brain?

Stand in my way
If you dare
Thousands have tried
You see how they fared

Where there's a will there's a way
Or is it, you can try and I'll make you pay
Can you stop me now?
Can you beat me here?

Do you feel it?
The rush power
The excitement of death

I feel it
I feel it everytime I kill you
Kill you a thousand times over and it only gets stronger

Stronger and stronger until I burst
Homicidal tendancies?

And if you ever see me
You be sure and ask
You'll find out one way or the other what's behind the mask

Whos blood is that
Yours, mine, your brothers?
Some one you don't know, maybe anothers?

The blood on your hands is staining your soul
A red that can't be removed
Digging through your body like a vicious mole

I'll remove it for you
Take it out fast
But nothing I do can erase your past

The constant pain
Of those you killed
Of all the ones you decided to have milled

On your mind
Gnawing, chewing, eating
Digging at your soul like a rat
Scratching you for no reason, like a wild black cat

I'm cyanide for your brain
I'll poison your mind
You'll never know I'm there, in front, beside, or behind

So remember this when your out there
To watch your rear
To watch your back
I'll kill you dead, and there'll be no slack
You'll be standing there, stopped dead in your tracks.

And I was the one
One of the ones you hated
Hook, line, and sinker
You were so easily baited

Operation a success
Consciouss removed
Side effect though, your days are now through

Take two and call me in the morning
I'll be in surgery from one til two
Removing the rest, of your precious few