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A Soldier's Story
Posted By: Mainevent<mainevent117@gmail.com>
Date: 3 November 2004, 3:45 AM

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I Screamed And Yelled
Abd Told Her Not To Go
But She Had Always Been The One
To Follow The Ebb And Flow

I Can't Believe I Stayed Here
Stayed Here All Alone
While She Went Off To Fight A War
I Thought I'd Never Know

I Tried So Hard To Hide From It
To Push It All Away
But I Never Felt As Bad Before
As Bad As I Felt That Day

Her Papers Came And She Shipped Out
For Training Far Away
Without A Word I Let Her Go
My Life Slipped Through That Door

I Raced Behind Her To The Bus
And Signed Up For The Fight
The One She Cared For
The One She Loved
Where She Died Tonight

In My Arms She Crimson Bled
Before Me She Was Dead
With Fleeting Words From Her Lips
And A Kiss That Broke My Heart

I'll Never Forgive Those Alien Scum
Who Took Her Here Today
The Foreign Fighters I Never Knew
But Who Felt The Need To Slay

To Slay The One I Held So Dear
And Close To My Heart
Now My Love Is The Gun I Hold
From Which I'll Never Part

Not Until I've Had Revenge
For What They Took Today
Not Until They've Repaid The Debt
I'll Never Let Them Pay