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Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat456@comcast.net>
Date: 27 October 2003, 3:52 AM

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      If man's attempts at being mischevious or devious have failed in the past, then this is most certainly not the past. For the accounts bared witness hereforth in this account are entirely factual. The events heralded by the victim are so ghastly and unmistakeably the work of the bipedal menace himself, for no logical being would create such a strange and daring weapon as these.
                  'Osonee 'Akasee

Subject: A1C3-BH
Date: 12 Madrounits 3000 Units
Witness: None
Station: Benevolence
Overseer: 'Osonee 'Akasee
Investigate: Reports of unknown biological weapon
Origin: Human

      I was on my shift, when I heard them. The sound of millions of, little, clicks. I had never heard them before. Their clatter, the way their feet pinged on the metal. I tried to push it out of my mind, so I could do my work. The station was unusually quiet, but it was brushed off because of the odd units I worked. The Grunts Gaya and Lalap were working under me, as well as the Jackal Danza. We were running the normal station checks, in the control room, when, the sound started. A sound I'll never forget.

Note: Subject makes a series of strange clacking noises.

      We turned to see where they were coming from, we'd never heard anything like them before. They were everywhere. They came from the ceiling, the floor, the walls. The sounds were inside of the station itself. I grabbed the nearby alarm. The soldiers came with their weapons, and they heard it too. One of them put his weapon on the floor, and bent down to investigate the vent. He turned on his plamsar and searched in the darkness, but he wasn't sure what he'd found. It looked dark, it was black inside, but, it was moving. He, he stuck his arm into the vent (Note: Subject immitates man lying on ground, sticking his arm into a tubular airway.)

      The screams, I can remember the screams. They echoed endlessly in my ears. God how I can remember the screams. He pulled his arm out, with hundreds, no, thousands of them on him. They were a mass, but not altogether one. Their mouths were tearing him to pieces. So many of them followed. From the airvent, coming like a tidal wave. A torrent of oddness. I've never seen anything like them. They covered him completely, with still millions more coming. Pouring out. They covered the walls, the floor, the ceiling.

(Note: Subject draws a picture of "them". An organism roughly the size of a jackals largest finger, with three distinct body parts. A large head with massive mandibles, a body portion, and an abdomen {possibly containing a stinger}. Six legs, and antenna coming from the head. No visible eyes.)

      I grabbed the pistol lying on the table beside me, and I shot at them. I couldn't think, I was panicked. There were so many of them, I never missed. They popped as the bullets hit them, giving off a horrid smell. I nearly vomited. We ran from the control center, tens of thousands of them behind us. The other guard would take wild shots behind him as he ran, and I can't recall I time when he missed.

      We didn't stop until we got to the barracks doors. I was so happy, I'd never been happier. The guard put in his code, and the doors opened. But what we saw was vile, and too wretched to talk about.

(Note: Subject stares blankly at the wall for a unit, and then returns to his account)

      The bodies were strewn randomly across the floor, their pieces being torn off with little trouble. No doubt by some sort of natural acid that the creatures produced.

(Note: Evidence found onboard the Benevolence does indicate the appearance of a natural enzyme formula that does indeed eat through it's victims. The body of one of the creatures recovered has revealed the precursory exams what appears to be a large sac attached to the stinger that injects the substance into it's victim.)

      They paid little attention to us, they were feeding. They paid little attention to us, that is, until the guard accidentally stepped on one. They went into a frenzy then, first one, then two, the three, then a hundred. They overwhelmed him. My team ran from his pleas for help. There was nothing we could have done. We planned on making it to the launch bay, where there were several smaller ships, and a large abandoned.....

(Note: An apparent memory strikes him, his eyes light up with some sort of sudden realization)

      An abandoned human cargo ship. A recon ship picked her up on her scanners a few weeks before, and she was brought to us. Her crew was gone, but her cargo was still there. We were holding her until another ship came to pick her up for their investigation. That's where they must have come from. We hadn't even combed the ship other than her cargo bay. We had removed the containers from her storage tank and set them in the cargo bay.

      We rounded a hall, where hundreds were pouring from the ceiling, I saw several grunts being viciously attacked by them. Their stingers were flicking like mad. One, just one, of the things was dragging the body of a dead Elite by. I don't know how he did it, pulling the elite away as he did, they were incredibly strong.

      We lost Gaya somewhere on the way, there were so many small corridors we ran through, it was hard to tell. Lalap was dragged of screaming for help, I shot at the squad of aliens dragging him away, but it was no use. So it was only me and Danza at that point, going through the station by ourselves. We finally got to the launch bay, and were amazed and afraid of what we found. Huge mounds of ground were all over the place, unit wide holes all over them. The creatures were walking all over them, it was apparently some sort of building to them. I figured it best not to get their attention, so I didn't fire. We passed by a group of open crates, that's where they had apparently come from. The humans had a bunch of their ground, they call it dirt I think, they had tons of it in their containers.

      We finally got into one of the ships, and Danza started it up. The heat really got them, they were actually fried in it. They swarmed to get into the ship, and several managed, but most were stopped by the door. I shot the two or three 'dat did get in, and we left. I'm telling you, whatever those humans had in those crates, it could be the worst thing we've ever faced....

Eradina Building Facility

"Hey Carl, when the hell is that shipment of topsoil arriving? We gotta have it for this project." The lead Army engineer called across the building site, an apparent course of anger lingering on his eyes.

"It'll be three more weeks. They won't even process the request until two weeks goes by, can you believe that. Some of those damned Benolian Ants got in there. Those damn things are huge. I read a report on them, they are the size of my finger, and their queen can lay up to ten thousand eggs in a day. The crew had to abandon ship, they left her for dead. She's still floating around out there somewhere. Boy I'd hate to be the unlucky bastard who finds her...