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Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat359@netscape.net>
Date: 1 October 2003, 2:31 AM

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Will I be forgiven
In heaven
For the things I've done

Will I be forgiven
For the things I've seen

Will I be forgiven
For the lives I've taken

Will I be forgiven
For saving myself

I have murdered
I have stolen
I have pillaged
And I have plundered

But I have also prayed

So then am I forgiven
For the thing's I've wrought
The pain I've brought
And the fear I've sought

Is it bad enough
That I got a strange pleasure from their deaths
Watching them choak and take their last breaths
Clawing and scratching to get away from me

If I am unforgiven
For the things I've done
Then so be it

I'll live as such
Steal as much
And bring my fatal touch to all that oppose me

Because I am unforgiven
And that makes me the most dangerous person in the universe

An eternity in hell for what I've done
Seems reasonable in the aftermath
After seeing my wrath
Hands soaked from a blood bath

It saddens me though
That no amount of repenting
No prayer or other form of divine forgiveness
Can save me from my sins
Because I am unforgiven

Then so be it
If I am unforgiven
Then I'll have to do my best
To save the ones that are

Then perhaps
Humanity will have a chance
To win this war
And I can finally be forgiven