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Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat359@netscape.net>
Date: 21 September 2003, 3:10 AM

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      This mission was very strange. The Spartan's call-signed Meztec and Judge were sent to a Forerunner ringworld to retrieve an Ornate Forerunner artifact of some sort, apparently with a hight significance to the war effort.

      They hurried quickly through the dense foliage and underbrush of this jugle-covered portion of the object, concerned only with their orders, and in a hurry to return to their ship. They exited the ancient pathway and entered a large paved clearing in the forest. In the center was a large box.

      Meztec and Judge stared at the box with curious eyes. It had a strangely hypnotic power that neither could escape. A heavy and ornate chest, laden with gold, jewels, and an enscryption.

"All ye who shal covet this box be led to eternal damnation"

      Bones of similar passers-by laid nearby, those too weak and powerless to get over the exquisite beauty inlaid to the chest. An ancient secret learned long ago by the Forerunner, that no man could pass up a chest like this one.

      However, Meztec and Judge were Spartan's, and their call-to-duty perservered over their greed and desires. Meztec suddenly snapped from his slumber, and pulled Judge with him.

"We should take this with us. I have a plan for this."

"I'm sure you do." Judge replied with a smile.

      The two hefted the large box with no problem, and took it back to their ship. After a brief stop by The Armory, a heavy weapons facility at Fort Pentacost, Florida, they boarded a larger ship. One that would prove to be the end for the covenant.

      The UNSC Four-Horsemen was en route to the Covenant homeworld of Del Noria. A special Gift for the leaders of the Covenant as a token of the Human's defeat. Little did the humans know that the Covenant were going to mercilessly slaughter them anyway, only accepting the gift out of spite for the humans.

"Excellencies, the humans have arrived. Should we kill them?" High Commander 'Solemnity asked harshly.

"No, invite them in. We wish to have a talk with them before we kill them." High Prophet Mosur answered with a deep laugh.

"Yes your excellencies."

      A throaty laugh went up from all of the prophets seated around the large table, and ended well after the humans had arrived. Several of the green-armored fighters, and two un-armored fighters had come. A mistake sending so many good fighters to their deaths at once.

      "Your excellencies, I am General Yamamoto from the United Nations Space Command here on behalf of Earth and her Colonies. We have brought with us a gift, a heavy chest inlaid with our finest precious metals and jewels."

"What makes you think we would want this human craft?" Mosur asked coldly.

      "Ahh, but this chest contains Earth's formal submission to the All-powerful Prophets. As part of our defeat, we are more than willing to sacrifice several of our colonies if you should want them for your own uses."

      "Let me see this, chest, of yours." Mosur motioned the General, who had Meztec and Judge bring it into the room. Mosur's eyes, and the eyes of all of the other High Prophets (all of the covenant High Prophets were in attendance) stared at the box. Amazed at how such an elaborate piece of work could be constructed by the pathetic and disgraceful humans.

      "If we may be pardoned, we have business to attend to. The formal admission to all Earth vessels that the war is over must be tended to. So with your honor we will depart."

      The Prophets were glued to the treasure, unable to move, or blink even. Mosur only nodded to the General and they left immediately.

"Excellency, should I have their vessel destroyed at once?"

      "N...n...no. Let them be f...for now." Mosure could only drool out the words as his mind was filled with fantasies of grandure and power.

"But your excellency..." 'Solemnity began, but was quickly cut off by a glorious roar from Mosur.

"I SAID NO!!! Leave from my presence or you will be beheaded at once."

"Yes your excellency" 'Solemnity ran from the room as fast as he could, never turning back to see the Prophets.

"General Yamamoto, very nice work down there."

"I only hope this plan of yours will work." The general replied to Meztec's early congratulations with a weak smile.

"It will General, this war will be over very soon."

"We can only hope." Judge answered as he entered the bridge.

      The three men, all watched through the large bay window before them. The view of Del Noria was spectacular, and it's wonderful panorama of blues, greens, and even pinks was astounding.

"Ashame the things we must do for peace." Meztec sighed.

      "I'll be the judge of that." Judge gave a sly laugh, and pushed the large red button on the control pannel to his right.

      "May god have the mercy that I do not." General Yamamoto prayed quickly as the extremely-bright, white light filled their eyes. An enormous shockwave covered the planet's surface, followed by the view of a charred Del Noria's surface.

      The entire planet had been glassed in under two minutes by the bomb placed inside of the chest. Several weeks later, without any leadership, or visible support from the Prophets, the covenant caste began to crumble. The grunts, hunters, and jackals alliances with the elite's dissolved unanimously, and the war against Earth was over.

Humanity had finally won.