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Posted By: Mainevent
Date: 1 March 2004, 3:52 AM

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You died in the belly of the beast
Doing what you had to do
Doing it to save us

You helped us get out
Helped me destroy Halo
Helped me defeat the Covenant

It wasn't your fault
That God chose you
To die on that ship that day

It was fate my friend
And that fate saved more lives than it cost
For your one life saved billions

Saved Earth
Saved Humanity
Saved Me

And that's all I could ask for in a Spartan
That devotion you showed while you stayed to die
To give it all up

I am forever in your debt
One I could never dream of repaying
But I expect you understand that

That with your death
You're the most important soldier there is
Because you are the angel that sits on my soldier

The angel that saved me so many times
That sat on my shoulder and gave the helpful nod
That patted my back when no one was there
That kept me alive when my strength had gone bare

Eternal and invincible
Your more deadly than me
For they cannot kill you, our God, or me