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War is Hell
Posted By: LT Spears<Dasbeaglehaus9@netzero.com>
Date: 12 December 2004, 1:02 AM

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Location: Earth Time:0800

"Hey wake up. We're almost there." Private First Class Krieger was trying to wake me up. "I'm awake already!" I snapped at him.
"We'll be at the CP in 5 minutes." Krieger said. I sat up and took my helmet off. Then I pulled out a ciggarate from my ciggarate
pack. "Anyone got a light?" I asked. One of the new recruits pulled out a lighter and said "He-here you g-go sir." I looked at
him and said "We're both privates you don't have to call me sir." Everyone else in the pelican laughed. "Sorry, I'm just a little
nervous. It's going to be my first fight."
Then the CO came into the back of the pelican. He said "The CP is under attack by covenant forces. So we're going to have to
fight to get it back." "ETA 2 minutes." said the pilot. "Oh my GOD!" screamed the new recruit. We were getting hit by ground
fire. Krieger laughed and said "Calm down, it's just a little hosti..." He was silenced by a sniper shot to the head. Then the
pelican got hit by something big and before I knew it I was on the ground.

The pelican had been shot down by God knows what. We were know in a open field. Only me, the CO, Private Williams, and the
new recruit were left. We scavanged what we could from the crash site. A SMG with 4 clips, 2 battle rifles with 5 clips each,
a 50cal., 2 cantines, and 5 MREs.
The four of us decided to head south, because that's where the CP is. The CO, Sergeant Jones, said "Look there's the CP."
Private Williams looked through an abandoned spotting scope on the ridge pointed at the base. "Sir you might wanna look at
this." Williams said distressly. The sarge went to the spotting scope and said "Holy Hell." We all tried to look through the
spotting scope when Sergeant Jones said "Hey! Knock it off! The CPs been over ran and they got the captain as a prisoner and
there's a dropship coming to pick him up.
We all knew he wanted us to go and save the captain but, who in their right mind would go up there. No one that's who but,
we're not in our right minds, that's why we joined the corp. "Alright! Let's save that captain! Newbie set up that..." he was
interupted by the private who said "My name's Parker." The sarge then said "Well Parker set up that 50cal. and fire when I give
the signal over the comlink. Smith and Williams come with me. We're going to sneak around the back and secure the captain.

Location: Earth Time:0900

"Alright men look sharp. The odds are aginst us but, we have the advantage of surprise." Over on the ridge where Parker was at
some one was trying to contact him on the radio by the spotting scope but, we didn't find that out 'till later. "Williams this
isn't going to work is it." I said. "Probably not but, what other choice do we have." he responded. I laughed and said "Yeah, I
guess your right." "SHHHH!" the sarge said.
"Move move move!" the sarge said. I saw a grunt and cracked his skull open with my battle rifle. That's when Williams got in
a firefight with 2 jackals and an elite. "Go save the captain! I'll keep 'em busy!" The sarge and I ran up the stairs and killed
the 2 elites holding the captain. What I noticed was that the captain wasn't restrained but, actually being led with care.
"Sarge we just got a call from the Malta! That captain is a defector kill him Sarge!" That message came over the comlink and I
opened fire. The captain lay in 3 pieces because Williams and I both opend fire. Then 3 elites stormed int the room with energy
swords out coming right at us. We hesitated but the sarge took all of them out. "Thanks sarge!" We both said. "Hpefully I'll never
have to do that again. Those should have been your kills." "Sir yes Sir!" we exclaimed. "Good know let's get the hell out of here.
"Parker open fire!" the sarge said over the comlink. We ran up to the top of the CP and at least 12 elites charged at us.
"Sarge! We're finished!" I exclaimed. RATATAT RATATAT! The sweet sound of a 50cal. tearing through elite flesh. "Way too go Parker!"
I said over the comlink. "There'll be time for thanks later let's get out of here!" Williams said.
We were in the clear out of the base when 3 hunters came up to us. "I got 'em!" the sarge said. Crack! The hunter knocked the gun
out of his hand. The hunters then opend fire on the CP. "What the...." Williams said. "Hey I think they're on our side!" Parker said
excitedley. Just then 2 elites and 5 grunts came up to us. "Don't shoot!" exclaimed the elite. "What's going on here?" I asked.
"The prophets have ordered that all elites died. My squad evaded capture and heard of some elites helping the brutes by detroying
a human CP for them." "Wait 1 minute. Are you saying you elites are on our side now?" asked the sarge. "Yes we are at least many
are helping the brutes though." "Well this is an unexpected alliance."

Location: Earth Time:????

We went south with the elites. The sarge said that it was getting late and that we should set up camp. I didn't trust those elites
but, what choice did we have. It got dark and we all went to sleep in a cave near a lake. Later that night i was awaken by the sound
of someone walking. I looked and saw those elites and grunts walking to where the sarge was sleeping. Naturally I followed them.
Williams heard and followed me. "What do you think they're doing?" he asked. "I don't know but, I'm going to find out what." One
of the elites pulled out a plasma rifle and pointed at the sarge's head. Williams tackled the elite. plasma shots filled the air as
the elite shot. I saw Parker wake up and set up the 50cal.. "Parker's don't you might hit Willi..." RATATAT RATATAT! "AGGHH!" the elite
and Williams screamed with pain. RATATAT RATATAT! "AHHH! Little people first! AHHH!" screamed the grunts.
"Parker cease fire cease fire!" I yelled. I heard heavy breathes coming from Parker and the sarge. I turned on my flashlight and saw
all of the covenant dead and 3 retreating hunters. The sarge shot them down. "Williams!" I yelled. He was dead. 3 plasma shots in the
chest and 2 50cal. shots in the leg.
Later that night we heard another gunshot. It was Parker. He took his own life. He had thought that he killed Williams. War is hell
and it always will be.