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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Next Waterloo
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 12 April 2003, 1:19 AM

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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Next Waterloo
Location: Fleet Engagement over Covenant world Vega Prime,
Combat bridge U.N.S.C Warhawk
Date: Military Calendar October 9th, 2571

      The U.N.S.C. Warhawk soldiered straight into the heart of the Covenant fleet. As it did so, it passed the 11th SIW, calling it for combat air patrol to help guard the ship. The Admiral asked his bridge crew, "Combat readiness status?"
      "Shields are at eighty-five percent, and we have one-hundred and twenty-five percent main power. MACs are at one hundred percent charge. We have eight hundred Longbow missile pods ready." Replied the weapons officer.
      "Increase to Flank speed, come right thirty degrees. Direct the other vessels to form a noose around the Covenant fleet. I don't want them to escape this time."
      "Sir, the U.N.S.C. Decimator is derelict, and is transferring control of its fighter squadrons to us." Said the communications officer.
      "Target the forward cruiser. Send two MAC rounds into it."
      "Yes sir, Admiral." Replied the WO. The ship rocked as two MAC guns fired simultaneously.
      The Admiral said as the MAC guns hit, "Get a firing solution on that battlecruiser. Verify range to target."
      "Firing solution readied, inserting it into the computer, range seventy two km and closing."
      "Perfect. Target MAC guns and lock on Longbow missile pod batteries A through I. A missile pod battery comprises of fifty missile pods designed to provide maximum fire on a single target.
      "Yes sir. At that range, the MAC rounds require 1.44 seconds to reach the target and the missile pods take 3.01 seconds to reach the target."
      "Fire the missiles one second before the MAC guns."
      "Yes sir. Firing missiles, firing MACs." The missiles screamed towards the battlecruisers and were quickly over taken by the two MAC rounds. The two MAC rounds struck the shields, tearing jagged holes in the shields just before they gave out. The rounds ripped the starboard superstructure almost off of the vessel as the Longbow missiles entered the ships open wounds and tore the ship apart from the inside. "Kill confirmed, Admiral."
      "The Admiral smirked, saying, "Nice shot. It's a shame that the Covenant High Priests aren't here to see this!"

Location: Covenant Command ship High Templar

      The commanding officer of the vessel looked out on the raging battle before him, noticing that the infidel vessels were en-sphering his fleet. It dawned on him that his fleet wouldn't escape the system without losing almost every ship in the fleet. He looked at his WO, and saw the terror in his face. He looked forward and saw MAC round coming straight at the bridge. He said one last prayer for his existence, and then it was snuffed out.

Location: 11th SIW Wing commander cockpit

      Knight 1 charged straight towards the Covenant battlecruiser straight ahead of him. It was more heavily guarded then any other ship in the fleet, so it probably was either a flagship or an important vessel. He was about to fire an ASPT-34 at it when a large titanium-chromite sphere blew straight past him and struck the battlecruiser right at the bridge are. A second one tore its left wing nearly off and then four-hundred and fifty Longbow missiles struck the ships open wounds, tearing whatever was left of the vessel into shreds. "Damn, I almost had him. Nice fire works!" said Knight 1.
      "Jesus Christ! That one is going to leave a mark." Said Knight 7.
      "Look, the rest of the vessels are scattering, you can't tell me that wasn't a flagship." Retorted Knight 1, "At this rate, the entire Covenant fleet will be completely annihilated in about a half and hour."
      "The rest of the fleet is trying to escape! Well, looks like the Covenant met their Waterloo. We need to start taking out those orbital defense pods."
      Knight squadron lanced right towards a plasma torpedo battery, and fired twenty Warhammer cruise missiles at the station. The missiles screamed at the installation, dropping counter measures to prevent the station's pulse lasers from taking them out.
Around a hundred pulse lasers fired at the missiles, to no avail. The first missile hit the fire control tower, decimating it. The next three missiles tore giant holes in the combat armor. The rest of the missiles smart brains aimed the missiles right into the gaping holes in the station. The missiles destroyed the power core and shredded the station into three pieces.

Location: Combat bridge U.N.S.C. Warhawk

      "Admiral, the Covenant are trying to escape us, but your tactic worked!" Yelled the weapons officer with glee.
      "For once, we've been able to route the Covenant as bad as they did to us at Reach. This is the Covenant's first time that we've been able to return the favorite. Send in our reserves to mop up and prepare for a planetary assault.
      "Yes Sir! All right, relay that message to the rest of the fleet.
      "Aye aye, Lieutenant Commander, said the comms officer.
      "Sir, there are still orbital defense pods around the planet." Said the radarman.
      "Move the fleet up to mop them up. Destroy all of them, Okay?"
      "With pleasure, Admiral!"
      "How many and what type of Marine divisions do we have on board?"
      " Seven ODST Infantry, eight ODST Armored, three Light armored reconnaissance, one Marine engineer and one OD capable Spartan Armored division." Said the Command Master Chief Petty Officer.
      "Deploy six Infantry divisions, seven Armored divisions and the Spartan Armored division.
      "Yes Sir!" The Master Chief said with a smile. That was the first time that the bridge crew, including the Admiral, had seen the Command Master Chief smile.

To be continued in: Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Hammer Falls