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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: Scourge of the Gods
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 11 April 2003, 3:54 AM

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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: Scourge of the Gods
Location: Covenant World Vega Prime
Date: Military Calendar October 9th, 2571.

      Lieutenant Commander Nimitz and Captain Hikaru Yamamoto broke hard right in crisp delta formation in front of a squadron of Daggers following them to the violated Longswords.
      "Alright, let's sneak up behind them from in front of the sun, dive on them, and get our asses clear. Hopefully it will create enough confusion for those Longswords to escape those Phantoms. We'll then form up with them and start killing some boomers. Got it?" Said Nimitz
      "Roger Knight leader." The squadron leader replied. They then came up in front of the sun and dove in on the Phantoms. Knight 1 selected the front most target, lined his crosshairs 5m in front of the target, selected max fire rate-6,000 rounds per minute, and snapped a quarter second burst at the ship. The 100 bullets launched by the guns tore the lead apart splashing tongues of flame and debris into nearby Phantoms. The rest of his group killed seven more of the ships and scattered the rest.
      "Thanks, Knight 1, I guess you guys saved our skins." said the southern Lieutenant.
      "We need your help strafing capital ships. If we can't take a portion of them out, then this will be the smallest ground offensive of all time."
      "Indeed, lets start with that cruiser over there." The Lieutenant sent a nav point to the other ships, highlighting a large battlecruiser not far away from the planet's largest moon.
      "Roger that. We'll form up behind the Daggers as usual. Get your ASP-34s selected." The pilots did just that. As they charged straight toward the battlecruiser, they noticed a small flight of Phantoms charging at them. The Daggers shot Shredder missiles into the weakened shields of the cruiser, tearing an oblong hole in them. Just as the Daggers moved out of the way, the Longsword squadron launched about ten plasma anti-ship torpedoes and a dozen Warhammers to make sure the ship wasn't getting away. The ASPTs detonated in the ships mess hall, combat bridge, flag bridge, reactor room and main drive shaft. The resulting damage crippled the vessels as the 'hammers tore the combat armor off of the fighting compartments, spacing hundreds of Covenant crewmembers. The battlecruiser careened out of control and struck a derelict destroyer, tearing the forward superstructure off of the ship.

Location: Combat bridge U.N.S.C. Decimator

      Rear Admiral (lower half) James Marshall surveyed his problem. The Decimator was an older battleship, lacking enough power to go toe to toe with newer battleships. He was faced with two destroyers and a cruiser assaulting him and a previous torpedo damaged his rudder control. The radar man yelled, "Sir, five plasma torpedoes, range seventy-two km and closing!"
      "Right full rudder! Reverse starboard engines! Come fifty degrees down angle! Divert auxiliary power to port shields!"
      The Command Master Chief Petty Officer relayed the orders to the bridge crew and watched five blue orbs coming up on their port side. Pulse lasers begin firing at the orbs, killing one of them. The first torpedo hit the port shield, bringing the shields fro m seventy-five percent to fifty percent. The next two hits take the shields down. As the last torpedo strikes the main reactor, taking down main power systems.
      "Damage Report!" cried the Admiral.
      "Main power is down!" yelled the Master Chief. Just as they were about to despair, a Warhawk class battleship speeds ahead and destroys both of the destroyers and scares off the destroyer. The hull plating said "Warhawk" The U.N.S.C. Warhawk was almost universally hailed by the Covenant as "The Scourge of the Gods".
      Warhawk class battleship. Fitted with eighty percent greater shield and power than its Decimator class forebear, it carries eighteen hundred Longbow plasma missile pods and quad Super MAC guns as well as one hundred plasma torpedo launchers, it is universally feared by all. Armed with twenty combat ready Marine divisions with ten wings of fighters, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Location: Combat bridge U.N.S.C. Warhawk

      "Target the center battlecruiser, fire main MAC gun. Launch all Longbow missile pods and come about one-hundred eighty degrees." Bellowed the Admiral.
      "Aye aye Admiral!" replied the Master Chief.
      The ship fired eighteen hundred missiles at an advancing battle group. The missiles tore three of the cruisers apart and ripped a battlecruiser in half. Flames and debris tongued into space, creating a maneuvering nightmare for any ship caught in its wake.
      "What is the kill ratio?"
      "3.5 to 1 us, Admiral.
      "Sir, the Covenant fleet is making a final push to remove us from the system!"
      "Tell engineering I need one-hundred twenty-five percent power!"
      "Yes sir!" replied the bridge officer. "A reinforcement group of fifty battlecruisers and about two hundred cruisers is entering the system a we speak."
      "Send our destroyers around their perimeter and above and below them. They're not escaping lightly this time!" He chuckled. "All ahead flank! Reload Longbow missile pods!"

To be continued in: Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Next Waterloo.