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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: Training
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 3 April 2003, 3:56 AM

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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: Training
Location: Earth, U.N.S.C. Interceptor Training Facility
Date: Military Calendar July 2571

      Lieutenant J.G. James M. Nimitz arrived at the briefing room at 06:00 hours to begin the briefing about his and his colleagues' new assignment-Strategic Interceptor Training. As he sat down in the front desk he looked up at the officer standing in front, Lieutenant Commander Vincent Perry, a legendary ace with 121 confirmed fighter kills and 4 capital ship kills.
      Commander Perry addressed the class as soon as his watch touched 06:01 hours "I am Lieutenant Commander Vincent Perry and my reputation should precede me. You have been selected from the new officers for a new mission, Strategic Interceptor Role.
      "You job will entail doing strategic strikes on capital ships in deep space as well as bombing hardened ground targets. You will be flying in and perhaps dying in the new SIF-1 Katana Interceptor, an improvement on the old Longsword Interceptor. It has a thrust to weight ratio of a fighter as well as great firepower in the form of quad 40mm cannons and up to 31,000 kgs of ordinance. Add the new ALQ-430 long range space radar and fire control unit and you can drop an anti-ship missile in the captains head (as in toilet) at 700km."
      "What is the crew, sir." Asked Nimitz.
"Two in tandem, pilot and weapons officer. Some of you may be wondering about the other 10 SIWs are. They, like you, are also in formation. We have 144 Katanas for this Wing; there are 288 of you. You will be paired with a weapons officer or pilot. Report to the simulator room at 08:30 hours. We will be practicing capital ship runs today. BT has already taught you the art of air-to-air combat, we will teach the strategic part of your role. Welcome to hell.

      After eight weeks, the recruits had finished training and the 11th SIW was assigned to the Battleship U.N.S.C. Decimator. The Decimator assigned to the 7th Planetary Assault Fleet. The Decimator carried 7 Wings of Dagger Space-Superiority fighters and 4 Wings of Longsword Interceptors along with one Katana Wing. The entire fleet consisted of 72 battleships, 560 cruisers and 800 destroyers as well as 400 planetary assault carriers. The fleet carried 500,000 fighters and interceptors in total and was the largest fleet the U.N.S.C. and the Covenant Liberation Command had ever wielded. The C.L.C. was a nation comprised of Covenant worlds liberated from their former Prophet masters and fighting the U.N.S.C. cause.
      Lieutenant Commander James "Star Fox" Nimitz strapped on his flight suit's helmet. He walked out into Hangar Bay 12 and gaped at his ship, dubbed the "Fodder Cannon" by him and his Wing mates. The nose art showed a samurai katana cutting a Prophet in half. His WO, Lieutenant Thomas "Tommy" McKnight was climbing up the ladder into the rear seat of the Katana. The Katana has a flying wing shape with the nose of the ship sticking our of the wing about 8 m. At the wing roots above and below the wings are the 40mm Vulcans, the pinnacle of the 20th centuries 20mm Vulcan. The engines stuck of the rear of the wing in a central pod, concentrating the thrust.
Nimitz climbed up into the pilots seat, connected his O2 tube to the plane, strapped in and prepared for one hell of a day. In 20 minutes, they would emerge into real space and have to launch immediately. His ship was armed well, however, with 6 ASPT-34 plasma anti-ship torpedoes, 10 ASM-56 Phoenix Space Interceptor Missiles, 2 HAVOK Nuclear Mines, 6 Warhammer Cruise Missiles and 2 experimental AST-143 Slayer Thermonuclear Anti-ship missiles. The radio sounded preparing to decelerate in 60 seconds.
      He thought, "My watch must be off," As he closed the canopy and started preflight. Preflight took 30 seconds.
"Decelerating to sublight now!" Yelled the intercom. As soon as the hangar doors opened, Knight Squadron Leader Nimitz gunned the engines and speed out the bay, followed by his Wing mates.
      Knight 1 said to his wing "Form up, staggered delta behind the Daggers, prep for capital ship strafing. Slave your targeting computers to the Decimator's. Lets frag some ETs!"
      "Roger and amen to that, Knight 1." Replied The other Squadron Leaders to their Wing Commander.
The slaved targeting computers showed a fleet of 50 battleships and 400 cruisers as well as 700 destroyers. As Knight one looked toward the sun he saw the entire view darkened by the other 200,000 fighters used in the initial attack. As he checked his TC again he saw the range to the enemy fleet was 700km, only about two minutes away at this speed. As they neared 300 km, the Daggers launched salvoes of Shredder Missiles at the lead ships. A few seconds later, he saw a hole open in the lead battleship's shields. He designated it as his target, selected a Plasma Torpedo for his WO, and felt the missile slide out of the bay and engage its rocket motor. As it motored toward its target at 20km/sec, time seemed to stand still.

To be continued in Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: First Engagement