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Prince of Angels: Part Two
Posted By: Kyo<kevmack@ev1.net>
Date: 20 June 2002, 8:07 pm

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We were so far, so close to the light of freedom, now to be confronted by these things. Only I, Jeremiah, and Will, the quiet technician were left to die.

The two demons looked down on us, grunting some sort of hideous laughter as they went on with their alien dialect. I couldn't understand whether they were rejoicing in the moment or simply mocking us. Their hands contracted four wing like claws, moving up and down as they spoke. It was amazing that such monstrosities could direct such fluid movements and speech. They were so complex yet so cruel, only making them appear even more hellish than before. Intelligent, logical, yet no morals for life. This was indeed something much worse than I could of ever fathomed. And to think, by simply looking at them for a few seconds, noticing such a common thing so as to embark on this observation. I suppose I saw it so clearly before in all of my human brethren and to compare them to these, was shocking.

They both turned their heads towards us simotaniously and showed off their wicked teeth, as though to strike a smile of unthinkable intention. I lifted my weapon slowly with a sense of pride and honor, as though it were my last time. Jeremiah reloaded, cocked his pistol and aimed it straight between one of the demons eyes. Will, on the other hand, was no where to be found. I suppose some people are meant to die cowards.

Then, without warning one of the creatures leapt forward, claws bared and ready to strike, it's fangs flying towards me as its drool flung through the air. I lifted my weapon and pulsed my rifle into the beast, closing my eyes before it slit my throat.

Suddenly I heard something slam in front of me. I opened my eyes to see a huge platform carrying the predator into the air, it's body flattened against the side.

"Take that you sacks of shit!," I heard from the interior of the crane room.

It was Will.

The bastard came through.

The other creature seemed surprised as it shook its head around sharply, searching for an answer to his own comrades death, or maybe it was scared.

Will called from the room again as he controlled the levers, "Give me some time to give it another whirl!"

We answered his call by firing into the other beast. It screamed in pain as the bullets shard it's glass like shields, but they simply just bounced off.

"I think it's just getting angry." Jeremiah said.

"Good." I screamed over the fire.

It wailed as it turned to us and ran, claws flailing about, ready to tear us to pieces for our attempt at its life.

As it came towards us the chained platform was coming around full circle, pulling its own weight with it. The crane squeaked and moaned as the platform moved quickly through the air, suspended and looking to be on the verge of snapping clear off into the abyss.

The monster saw it coming, though.

It stopped its attack on us and jumped to the side, letting the platform miss him by a hair.

Quick bastard.

"Don't worry just yet!," Will screamed.

"Too late!" I called back.

The crane lifted the platform high into the air over the three of us. The creature lifted itself off the ground, dazed a bit, but kept on coming. It charged for Jeremiah.

"No!" I screamed as I took Jeremiah by the back of his shirt and flung him behind me, placing myself in between this blue bull. It jumped a clean fifteen feet in the air, about to land and slice me in half. Before it got the chance though, I dived to the side, lifted my rifle and shot up at the chain holding the platform in place.

The monster landed to the floor, missing by a few inches and looked up. The platform creaked as the chains urged to let go. And then, without much more, it fell. The creature looked at me surprised.

I looked back and gave him his answer, "Fuck you."

The platform smashed down on the unsuspecting creature and splattered blue blood all over me. It sizzled on the floor as it oozed from underneath the fallen structure. I picked myself up and helped Jeremiah to his feet. He seemed stunned at what just happened. Hell, I should have been too. Will came out of the crane room doorway, trying to catch his breath.

"Damn good job I'd say!" He said to us.

I gave him a stern look, "You were expecting me to do that, weren't you?"



I patted him on the back and put Jeremiah's arm around me, letting him use my body to limp on. Will led the way.

"Well, we certainly can't use the crane anymore to get down with." Will shouted from the far end of the room.

"I thought we were going to use the elevator anyway?," I shouted back.

"That was the original plan, however, when I checked the control board in the Crane Room the elevator appeared to be malfunctioned. It stopped about halfway down and didn't come back up."

"So I guess we're going to have to climb down."

"That's seems the case."

I looked down at the dark abyss. There was no light to be seen anywhere. You could get lost in such a place and who could know what unimaginable things were down there. We had just cleared death another step further and it seemed that each trial was going to be greater than the next.

"So how do we climb down?," I said.

"There's a ladder I and my team used to use in order to repair these things. It's not much use for repairing right now, but I think we can manage to climb all the way down." Will replied.

"You up for it, Jeremiah?"

The weary Janitor looked at me and smiled, "Ready when you are, my savior."

"I think he's a little delusional, maybe we should carry him down first." Will said.

I nodded and knelt down as Will took his first step, ascending into the darkness below...