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A last line of defense
Posted By: Kyle McKittrick<buckmaster32533@yahoo.com>
Date: 24 May 2004, 9:03 PM

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With machine guns blazing at full force and the deafening sound of empty bullet cartridges pinging off the ground, the final war had begun. The twenty marines were in Gulch Canyon trying to hang on to the last defensive position that they have on earth. They were trained for combat and made to handle any type of situation. They were facing against the covenant, a ruthless group of aliens trying to take over the universe.
The war had about one hundred aliens to the twenty marines that were at the base. It was non-stop shooting from the start and screams of both races were heard across the map. The marines' swift movements and strong weaponry allowed them victory, but there were several casualties. Fourteen casualties had happened on the human side, to be exact. The aliens had been defeated, at least the last drop ships that had came. There were only six marines remaining, they would need reinforcements.
This had been the marines' third day defending Gulch Canyon. It was a normal canyon with patches of sand and grass. It also had high cliffs and caves. It was an excellent battlefield for the marines to fight in. More covenant drop ships had landed, leaving the six marines to hold off forty aliens. They had to hold off these swarms so that Earth wouldn't be lost. It would only be hours until reinforcements would arrive.
The team had a small selection of weaponry, which consisted of a 12ga. shotgun, ma5b assualt rifle, .50 cal. sniper rifle, and a 155mm rocket launcher. The group also had one vehicle, the Warthog. This all terrain four-wheel drive vehicle had a LAAG machine gun and could hold about three people. The Master Chief was in charge, and the group was getting prepared for the next swarm to come through the canyon. They had only minutes to get into position before the enemy would arrive.
Master Chief grabbed the shotgun and said he would defend the base and look out for close combat situations. He sent Private Donut to the cliffs to shoot using the sniper rifle, Private Caruso to the hill with his rocket launcher, and put Private Jack in charge of driving the Warthog. He also added Private Corb to the passenger gunner seat, and put Private Biggs to the mounted gunner seat in the back. The suited up and headed out for battle, wishing everyone luck, knowing that some may not come back. Master Chief shouted, "We don't have all day boys, get out there and kill some covenant scum!"
The marines headed out and simultaneously shouted, "Bring it on!" Donut had his scope set on the entrance to the canyon. Within minutes he saw the first Grunt appear from the entrance, followed by several other aliens. 'What have I got myself into now?' he thought to himself. He tried to speak into the microphone, but only said, "Big...Grrou...Aliens...."
Master Chief replied, "Speak up boy! Repeat what you said soldier!"
Donut replied, "Aliens at 12 o'clock sir! Permission to fire."
Chief agreed, "Fire at will men, only take necessary shots."
Donut zoomed on to the head of a grunt and pulled the trigger. Within seconds, he watched the head of the alien explode and splatter everywhere. At the report of the rifle, the aliens began to return fire.
The marines heard a sharp high-pitched scream in the air. It was a Banshee, a flying vehicle used by the covenant. This was Caruso's job. He loaded his rocket launcher, took aim, and lobbed a shot into the air, hitting the canyon wall only yards away from the hovering Banshee. 'Not bad,' he thought to himself, 'especially with the range on that Banshee.' He took another shot. Missed again. The Banshee took off after being shot at, and headed to the hills to find where he had been shooting. He tried to fire another shot, but realized he needed to reload. That was a problem with these rocket launchers. He watched as the blue plasma bullets landed right in front of him. He braced for the worst, but then he heard something. It was the Warthog! The anti-aircraft machine gun opened fire on the Banshee and within seconds it was a flaming mass on the ground. He hoped that was the last of those.
The Warthog took off full speed to the group of remaining aliens and opened fire on them. They easily eliminated the front line of Grunts and Jackals. The machine gun fired and fired, then it suddenly jammed from being over-heated. This called for drastic measures and Jack floored the gas and ran over several aliens, plastering the Warthog with a blue blood. He turned and drove over to the base to let the gun cool down.
They had thought that it was the last of the aliens, but then a Covenant Drop Ship arrived dropping off several Hunters and Elites. All of the marines turned and started to open fire on the aliens in the middle. The Elites and Hunters had large shields that would take several hits to lower. Caruso fired a rocket, plastering a Hunter to the all of the canyon. Donut took aim and sniped an Elite right in the middle of the chest, dropping him where he stood.
Back at the base, Master Chief noticed the eight remaining Hunters approaching the base. He decided he would wait until they got closer and go in for melee and close combat attacks. Everybody focused on the Hunters so that they would weaken their shields and be able to take them down quickly. Master Chief heard the sound of a plasma rifle, jumped off the base, and shot one round directly into the head of a Hunter, killing it instantly. He was covered in blue, but that did not stop him.
The Warthog took off, to distract the Hunters. Just then, Jack noticed a bright blue flashing object on the blWarthog. It was a plasma grenade! The Warthog exploded, killing the people inside.
There were three marines remaining. They were outnumbered and overpowered. They knew it was up to them to save themselves and the earth. Master Chief then turned and meleed a hunter, killing him within a couple of hits. He turned around to watch a Hunter rear back his plasma sword. He knew it was over. Out of know-where, a Pelican ship flew over, firing down and killing the Hunter only seconds before he took Master Chief's life. The reinforcements had arrived. The reinforcements fired down, killing the remaining aliens, clearing the canyon for other people to arrive. Maybe one day to take back the planet that they once had. This was only the beginning of what many thought would be the end of humankind on Earth. Many more epic battles would have to happen before they won back the planet completely. That would happen one day. For now, they were just thankful that they could have a significant place to hold off the Covenant and have a place to conquer the earth again.