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Fight for Her
Posted By: kr142616
Date: 5 December 2008, 4:51 am

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We fight for Earth this burning day
The Terran skies are bathed in flame.
Foes at our gates and outside lay;
Their Prophets hail a day of fame.

But valient cries rise through our ranks:
This is our home; we'll fight for Her!
Even as fire rakes at our flanks
We'll fight for Her; we're undeterred!

Mombasa's where we'll make our stand
Drumming, drumming, sounds the falls of our feet.
Our hearts are steeled, weapons in hand
Running, running, to our foes we'll meet.

And if perchance we are to die,
In the ground of our home, we shall lie.
But not for naught, for this we give
So children of Earth on shall live.