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Land of the Unknown
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 21 May 2001, 6:27 pm

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The stars were bright as i lie there in my bunk looking out the window. Torrmorrow was a big day said our DI. Tormorrow we go to the crucible, the most rigourous training a marine gets before beign sent to war. I could barely sleep as I saw a star fall from the sky. I looked around at all my teammates, and knew that I had to trust them with my life when we are sent to war. Murphy was playing somekind of video game, and Donner was looking at his favorite Playboy issue. Alyssa was taking a shower as me and murdock were watching. She didnt mind, she was here for war and that was it.. I decided to look back out the window, this may be my last night to see the stars i though to myself..

İİİİ"Wake Up!" Hollared the DI, and I realized i had fallen asleep.. It was time to move as I grabben my AR and got my pack. We ran 5 miles to a shooting range, if you didnt pass this you didnt move on. WE were almost 20 mins away from the crucible and as we ran down there we would be put to a few tests, to make it there you had to pass them all. I lined up on a convent target and fired off a few rounds, then fired at a jackal 250 yards away. As I was firing I heard the DI telling people they were through. "Get Off my Range!" he hollared at Murphy, who just missed a 125 yard convent. "You could have just risked the life of ur fellow soldiers!"The DI told him as he wiped a tear from his eye. "Dont Cry Baby!" The DI said as Murphy left. I awaiting my next target to pop up and as it did I nailed it dead center.

İİİİAfter the rifle range we ran another 3-5 mins and stopped for a close combat course. The object was to give the DI a good fight or you dont pass. I watch the whole squad do so and only 2 failed. It was now my turn, I stepped up and the DI grabbed me. I gave him a right punch and a kick in the nuts, dropping him like a stone. "Good Job Koontz." He said as he lay there on the floor.

İİİİAfter that we made it to the crucible, we started with 120 people and are down to 101, which will all stay if not injured.. The Crucible was the most dangerous training excercise know to the Marines, and it was everyones dream to make it through. There are 3 parts. The first part is a obstacle course that isnt too hard but it is long and you get wore out easily. The second part is explosive training, this is a part that everyone fears, cept me! The 3rd part is a wargame wiht metal balls, its about like the game paintball that excisted around 600 years ago. All of us made the obstacle course and Alyssa took off he shirt exposing her topless when she cut her back open and had to get it stichted.

İİİİThe Explosive raining was fun, as they put us in groups of 4 and we each had to mke 3 bombs. My group made a bomb out of pipe and gunpowder, one out of C4 and a tank of gasolin, and one out of Drano and aluminum foil....Never the less we made it no problem as 1 person got killed from a blast from our explosives.

İİİİThe war game was on now, as they split us up 50/50. The object was to capture the opponents flag, as my team done so. I ended up wiht 5 welts on my body, all thanks to those metal balls.

İİİİThis was it graduation as I kissed alyssa cause i was so Happy.The DI made a speech:

İİİİ"Today you are Marines, all of you will be going to help other Marines in a war against the Covenent. Some of you wil make it through, but most of you will die trying. I am proud of you all and make sure to kick some alien ass out there!!!" "Hoorah!!!!" all 300 of us hollared, including the 100 from my squad. At night I decided to watch the stars again although I could barely stay awake to see them...then I drifted off to sleep.

İİİİI woke up the next morning as we all loaded up onto a carrier that wll take us to a dropship.. The dropship will drop us off at the planet were we will kick some alien butts. I decided to sleep as I got nervous and sick to my stomach.. "wake up Koontz" I heard as I woke up and saw we were only 5 mins from the warzone. i got ready and looked around as my squad were all awating me to say something.. "Ok boys we are gonna go out there and do what?" "Kick Ass!" they all replied, and the comm came on and said we are landing..

İİİİAs the dropship door opened what I saw horrified me......

İİİİ...to be continued...