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Land of the Unknown Part 5
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 27 May 2001, 4:43 am

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    "Wake up"
    "wake up"I heard as I opened my eyes...OMG I am alive. I saw the nurse standing over me. I kissed her. I could have sworn I was dead after the huge explosion that occured with the Jeep. I pondered to myself how in the hell I could have survived that. I felt mybody, it was all there. A hole in my should from a wound. Wait a minute my arm it is there! I had to find out what was going on.

    I got out of my bed, brrr the floor was cold and I walked my way to the door. I opened the door leading to the Main Hallway of the Hospital facility. To my left I saw the black floor spread for a good 100 yrds or so before going into a turn. I looked to my right and saw the main desk. I walked towards it, this didnt feel like no ordinary Hospital, but I was alive and that was all I cared about. The walls were made of a texture I have never seen before, and so was the ceiling as it was tiled up only 4 feet above me. I got closer to the desk and saw a spark from a wire an electrician was workign on. Well it was good to see that they actually have workers here. The electrician gave me a weird look and his eyes had a glow to them, but I thought nothing of it, and proceeded to head towards the Main Desk.

    "Yes Sir?"
    "How can I assist you?"
    "I am tryign to figure out what the hell is goin on"I said
    "I thought I was dead, but I am alive?" I replied again.
    She didnt answer me as most nurses never do, then the nnurse I kissed said to follow her. We went towards a bathroom, the smell of insulin made me feel weary, I always did hate getting shots. She opened the Bathroom door and locked it.
    "Your Sargeant Koontz right?" she asked
    "Yes Maam." I replied "Now What in hells creation is going on here?"
    She handed me a little tapoe that said.
    -You are not alive, but you are more or a half human/ half cybernetic warrior, when the explosion occured enough of you was left to keep you alive. Where are you now you may ask? you are at ALARC which means Alien Labs and Resource Center. The nurse that gave you this is actually Captain Honey, and you two must escape this place as fast as---the tape messed up.
    "oh well."
    "lets get the fuck outta here!" I said. She said wait and handed me a AR and a Pistol. Hell Yeah I feel better than ever I thought as I loaded a clip into the AR. Honey had the same thing as me along with a few grenades.

    I opened the door and saw the electrician dude not 4 feet away trying to attack me with a wrench, he swung it back and forth, until I unloaded 4 shots into his chest, the blood from him was a blackish color and damn did it stink! we ran throug the hallways and out the building as a dropship picked us up. After we were in the sky I starting thinking. What the hell is going on? ever since that weird signal nothing has been the same.....

    as we flew off I watched the sunset and off we went..

.......to be continued