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Land of the Unknown Part 4
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 25 May 2001, 9:06 pm

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It was Hell I though, those damn alien scum were gonan try to kill us all, they dont take prisoners, they devower like bugs. Shit they are bugs, and me without my bug spray. Guess nukes will hafta work. I grinned after what i though was funny. Johnny tapped my shoulder.
"what Johny?" I said
"sir look to ur left." he whispered. I turned to look and saw some shadows follwing us 30 yards to my left. As I reached for my gun I saw the sky above light up.
"AMBUSH!!!!" I yelled, but it was too late I saw 3 of my men fall before I could blink.

I dunked under the hog with Danielle and Johnny, at least I had the best two soldiers with me, then Mike and Ben joined us. Are we the only ones left i though. I knew we had to get in the warthog and get going fast, we couldnt go back, hell I didn't even know which direction is back. I saw a shadow come ing closer and I cocked a shotgun. Blam!ckkk Blam!ckkk Blam!ckkk, the shadow fell, I could see its face so I turned the light on. OMG! It looked like a grunt body with an elite sense of warfare, could they be breeding. The lab at Earth told us this is impossible, but what I am seeing is something that the scientists said was impossible.

After a few mins the shooting stopped, and it seemed like everyone left. I looekd around with a spotlight, and realized the 5 of us were the only ones left. As I looked ahead I saw some light comign through the trees. "That way damnit!" I said as we loaded up. We went to the light, and on the other side was a beautifle grass area with little trees and tall swaying grass.
"Ok we will rest here" I said and we all lay in the grass looking at the moons. I will be dark soon I though, I hoped we wouldnt have to fight off anymore today.

What I said would haunt me this night, we would not survive. but . I put danielle and Johnny in tress with a bazokka and a sniper rifle and Mike,Ben and I dug a trench incase anything happened. We all lay there and i closed my eyes.
"Sir, wake up!" Mike said while shaking me. I awoke and saw Ben firing at something. I looked over the trench, I saw it. over 300 Grunts and 400 elites moving our way, I looked to my right and saw a fire.
"Who made the fire!" I said extremly pissed off!.
"I did sir." Ben said.
I was about to kick bens ass when I was shot in the arm. my left arm was melted off by an elite weapons. I grabbed my pistol and starting firing. I saw a blast come from an elite flyer hit the tree danielle was in and saw pieces of her body fly everywhere. The same happened to johnny a few mins later.
"Get to the Hog!" I hollared, as I saw bens head get taken off. Mike tried to run but his legs had been melted off. I pulled out my pistol and shot him in the head, taking him out of his misery, I am sure he would do the same for me.

I made it to the buggy and got it going. I was being chased and attacked by flyers while I tried to dodge their attacks, I needed to make it to the forest about 8 clicks ahead, which I knew wouldnt happen. I saw some things flash before my eyes, i saw members being taken out, The I recalled my childhood and my service in the corps. as the last thing flashed before my eyes the hog explode, the last thing I saw were my wife and kids that I may have had if I survived..

......to be continued How well you will find out...