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Land of the Unknown Part 3
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 24 May 2001, 5:20 am

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I had a million things running through my head. What could this dark area be? What is gonna happen? Amn I putting my squad at risk? Should I disobey direct orders and get courtmartialed if we survived? No I could do that, we had to find out what this dar karea is and make it through. If we didnt we could't make it across and couldnt find out where the radio signal came from.

As we neared i decided to stopand survey the valley beneath to see if I could see through this dark area. As I looked back I could see the battle still raging on, and by the looks of it we werent winning. "Sir" one of my men Pvt. Wallace said. "Are we gonna survive?"
"I mean there are only 15 of us, and hard telling what we will encounter out there" he continued.
"Horse Shit!" I said "We were trained to be the best, and as far as I am concered we here are the best, and will whoop any alien ass!" He grinned as if he knew I was right. I hope I was right. But what if I was wrong? Wat if we werent the best? What if I was sending me and my squad to our deaths? I had to get these thoughts out of my head.

I layed there thnking to myself what were are gonna do? The wind was whistling through the trees below us in the valley. The grass was swaying wiht the wind, as I picked up some blades and sent them into the air. It was a beautiful day as you could see several of the moons surrouding this planet. It reminded me of the days back at the farm wehn I was a young lad helping do chores I would sit and do this same thing when I was through. But I wasnt a farm boy no more. I was in chage of 100 deadly marines. I glanced back and saw the the battle looked almost over. Did I just destroy 87 members of my squad? Enough I thought to myself.

"Lets get going." I told my men as we loaded into the Warthogs and headed down the hill to the Swamp. "Lights on!" I yelled as the lights all lit up and we headed in. It was gummy as the 4 wheel drive on the warthogs was working wonderfully, thank god for that. It was misty in there, and there was this smell, it wasnt a horrid smell but one that made you want to puke. I could understand it, the smell was nice but take a big wiff and you lost ur lunch. We stopped after 100 yards to catch what was going on. I looked around with my spotlight and saw nothing.

THUMP! was all I heard as I turned and saw one of the EODs head has been burned clean off his neck. Just then i saw it through the headlight, there were 50 or so grunts firing at random. I jumped from my position and opened fire. as I hit the mud it was at my waist so laying prone wasnt an option. Al my men had opened fire and I saw on of them fall. The grunts started to advance as I tried to climb into the warthog t ograb a grenade or two. It was too gummy The mud was too thick. I reached and grabbed one grenade, and was too out of breath to grab another. The grunts were still advancing as another of my men was taken out. I went under the mud and thought about tryign to flank them. I pulled the pink and threw it in front of them, sending 3 of them for a ride and i went under I could hear there bullets flying over where I just was.

It was over, we finally got the grunts thanks to the grenade which got them messed up and killed. I knew that it would help but i didnt think that it would work as good as I though.
"How many did we lose I asked?"
"3 Sir" one of my men replied. "two of them were EOD" he called back That left us wiht no EODs and 12 Marines. I didnt kno what to do. Continuing may mean more firefights like this, but it guarenteed worse stuff I knew. I decided to load it up and head on. We were driving through and Danielle asked me"Sir can I ask you something?"
"sure" I said.
"well i have been meanig to say that the driver we have has been taking us in circles for the past 15 mins."As i watched for the next 10 mins I realized he had been taking us in little 10 yard circles, a I looked at him, his eyes were glowing green. I took My pistol and blew his head right off. Everyone started talking. "Now Listen up!" I said. " There is some weird ass shit going on here, and this area is causing it, I dont know what the hell is goign on, but will find out!" I got into my seat as Danielle took the driving over. This was no war, this was Hell, and I was determined ot survive.

.......to be continued