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Land of the Unknown Part 2
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 23 May 2001, 2:17 am

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- What I saw horrified me. I saw dozens of Marines being bombarded from some Covent aifcraft.
"Give me the Damn Bazooka" I told Rico, as he was about to enter the battle field. He handed it to me, and I took careful aim on one of the aircraft that pissed me off by amost killing me.
WHOOOOOOSHHHHHHHH!!! I felt the air and saw the missle right on target. I grinned as the ship exploded sending debris all over the place.

As i watched and saw by the looks of the battle, that our chances of surviving arent good.. There were around 60-70 marines, and 1 tank. there were anywhere from 300-400 Convent Grunts and Elites and around a dozen flyers. The were trying to surround the Marines and if they put the tank our they may be able to do so.

I felt the drop ship shake as it was being hit by convent flyers. As I prepared to move out I saw one of my men get shot if the head before we even got out.
"Damnit!!!!" I yelled as i ran out and started shooting...
Click.....Click.......Click... "Shoot" I said as I realized I forgot to put in a clip. I finally got one in and opened fire on some grunts trying to flank us from the north. I took our one and almost got vaporized but luckily moved over to get a grenade ready. I threw it and a Elite shot it in mid-air.
"WoW!" I yelled "Watch out they are smarter than we think!" as me and my men moved up the hill to try and find a position to call back to HQ.

I had to load another clip while we advanced up the hill.Three more of my men got taken out. After three more firefights and 4 more men taken out we finally made it up the hill. Almost being blasted away by a Convent flyer.Thankfully the Tank got him first.I radioed into HQ telling them what is happening and that we couldnt get through to fin out where this unknown radio signal came from.

HQ told us to make it through by any means neseccary, which made me pissed cause that would me kill countless men.I radioed back to the Dropship and told them to unleash 5 buggys. Trying to make it back was harder and the Convent located us and starting firing as we ran down the hill, I starting to try to flank as I threw 3 grenades and missed on the first 2 and my 3rd one landed and took 5 out. The rest of my men opened fire and took out most of them.
"Damn Aliens!!!!!" I yelled as I opened fire on three from less than 4 feet away, Blowning there guts and purple blood all over me..

The buggys were ready as we got to the dropship. Only 15 of us went, so I took the best I had, as we moved out. I looked back to see the end buggy get taken out by a covent weapon that I hadnt ever seen.
"Move it!!!!" i said as we headed towards the bridge 3 clicks to the north.
I heard the 4 buggy all open fire as some convent flyers flew over head. "get them now!!!" I yelled over the comm.

After that we never saw another convent which made me nervous. My felling didnt last long as I slammed on the brakes and used my binocs to scope the bridge seeing 30-40 convent grunts guarding each side. BOOM!!!, the bridge exploded and the convents were blew all to hell. I saw a small group of EOD Marinespop up and signaled us over.

They told us they got split when dropship let them go and there objective was to make it to the bridge and to blow it up. I was pissed cause besides the bridge the only way to get across the river was a dark spot that the map showed as UNKNOWN. Noone knew what was there or what would happen. all we knew was it was swampy. The buggys are 4 wheel drive so we might be able to make it.

I decided that for the good of the mission we would go. and off we went after we picked up the EOD marines...

.......to be continued