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Silent Assasians
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 05 August 2001, 4:59 PM

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Day 1- Location: 30 miles east of Landing Carrier. Sector 2- Somewhere on Halo

The Group on Elites were walking along the hillside, headed due east.There were about five of them, maybe 6. It was hard to tell from 1300 meters.Koontzy and MadMax scoped around them, making sure to keep a visual on thislittle group to take them down.
"What time is it" MadMax asked, as he switched the Binocs to Infared mode.Koontzy looked down at his watch and clikced the button on top to make thetime show..
"Its 0700." "That gives us 1 hour to take out those guys."Koontzy repliedMadMax grabs his knife and put it back into his slip, wiht a nice wissshsound that koontzy loved from the airtight knife holster. He proceeded totake-down his gun, as it could be carried in a 2 ft. by 2 ft. case. MadMaxgrabbed hi fanny pack and Gun as him and Koontzy crawled through the thickgrass to get a closer shot.

Koontzy was a wierd guy, noone really liked him, all he cared about wasKiling enemys and smoking cigarettes. he was only 5 foot 9 which was shortthis day and age, he had light brown hair, and a deep tone to his voice, hewas energetic, and tried to get the job done as fast as possible. Koontzy andMadMax belonged to a group of 50 men who went by the name "SROAL" which noonecan know what it stands for. The men in there don like Koontzy to well.Koontzy still uses a .50 cal Sauger 767/A3, which most snipers feel isoutdated, but Koontzy loves his gun so much. He even Named it.
The there is MadMax, he just got out of sniper school, this is his firstmission, and he is honored to be with the best there is. And like all newpeople he uses a Barret M82A1 to get the job done. He had prefect scores inhis shooting, but now he is after the real thing, and will have to kill or bekilled. MadMax was a nice kid, just turned 24, he always had a gind, and adeep voice, he was a nice person to talk to and always had a joke handy whenone as needed. But this wasnt the time for jokes.

The made there way to a small treeline, before they had to cross a roadto get into another field. MadMax scoped where the Elite's were."1100 Meters." MadMax said "Still 300 meters out of range.""Roger"Koontzy said as he put his scope on one of the Eites.The crosshairswere dim in the light shining, so Koontzy turned the adjustmen to #3 to setit on a dot.
Koontzy looked to his left and right, and saw a Convent ship fly overhead."Damn!!!""I hope these Ghille suits work"Koontzy whispered.."Dont worry, these are state of the art, no radar can detect them"MadMaxreplied

Koontzy watched the dropship fly out of range, and they made their way acrossthe road. As they got to the top of the hill Koontzy got set up.The elite were resting on a hilltop......
Koontzy sat his gun up on the hill, and aligned his crosshairs..
"How Far?"
"750 meters" MadMax said"wiht a gust of 5 mph winds"
"roger" Koontzy said as he clicked his hair to the right to adjust for thewind.
He Looked through his scope,and switched it to a darker dot.

Sweat was running down Koontzys forhead, he was nervouse, as he always is,but he hated these Elite bastards, they killed his sarge.He aligned the dot onto the Biggest elites head...
Koontzy reloaded, and looked through the sight. In 2 seconds he saw thebullets hit, the Elite fell over, and the other ones looked to see when theshot had came from.
Koontzy shot off again, but this time his gun malfunctioned and he couldntreload, he saw another Elite Drop, and roll down the Hill as the remainingthree looked into their direction.
"Shit, give me yer gun!!!" Koontzy said.
MadMax let one fly, Knocking a Elite back 3 feet and left a good sized holein him. the elite slammed into a tree and slid own, with his blodd ozzing outthe Elite was still alive.
MadMax let another one fly, ending the Elites torture.
The other remaining two spotted there position and starting running to them.
MadMax let off a shot missing them."I cant hit them!!!" he said, "They are too fast!"

The Elites were closing in fast, and Koontzy grabbed 2 plasma grenadesfrom his pouch.
"Get ur Assault Rifle ready"Koontzy said as he rolled the grenades down thehill, and grabbed his assault rifle.
wham! the grenades went off and the Eited went flying towards them....
"Shoot!!!!"Koontzy Yelled as he opened fire on on while it landed on him.The Elite smelled like a nasty pig, and was tryign to rip Koontzys head off.
MadMax had killed the other one and procedded ot run towards Koontzy.Koontzy grabbed his knife and stuck it in the elites head wtaching bloodsquirt on his face, it was sticky and smelled awful as koontzy threw up whilerolling the Elite off of him.
As they stood ther overlooked the sniper job, Koontzy was pissed, It tookthem too long to take out this group, and he knew that they had to hurry andmeet the group at the comm station 3 hours away, it would be a long walk, andthey didnt know what would come up between now and then.........

The began to walk down the hill......

"That was fun" MadMax said....
"Shut up and set up tent" Koontzy said"We have a big day ahead of ustormorrow.