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Death Before Dishonor Part 2
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 01 August 2001, 7:43 am

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"Sir, We have a problem" Cox said as Koontzy listened on His CB located in the HOG.
"What is it now!" Emp groaned, as he was trying to sleep.
"Sir, we have 2 problems actually." Cox said over the CB again"
"What the hell is it!" Koontzy said pissed off enough that the HOG's werent running like they should be.
"Well, the first one is the hog is smoking like a bitch, and the second is that we are stuck." Cox said over the CB one last time.
Vegeta looked bakc to see cox sitting in the drivers seat of the buggy, with 30f9 and Viking up to their knees in mud trying to get the HOG out.
"If only Cox knew how to drive." Emp. said with a groan. Emp wasnt the shy type but man when he didnt get sleep he got grumpy.
"we will be right there.."

Koontzy turned the Hog around, almostthrowing Emp out of his seat. They raced back to the mudhole, knowing they couldnt take long for the C.E.A to find them if they were near.
As they got to the buggy the engine was smoking and it was buired deep.
"Did ya try to put the Piece of Shit in 4 wheel drive!" Emp said.
"The engine wont start! Dumass!" Cox replied.
There was always tension between these two, as 3of9 grinned, hoping a fight was about to break out.
"Lets just get the damn thing fixed!!!"Vegeta hollared.
Koontzy looked at the engine and saw it need some XP+0p$ fluid in it.within mins the engine was running again.

They prepared ot set off. Viking scanned the Horizon, making sure no enemy was in sight.
"Nothing, Sir." he yelled out!
They headed off towards what looked like a comm station not 3 miles ahead....

Koontzy looked as they arrived at the comm station, it looked deserted, but hopefully there was enough power to call the base to see what was going on. The Place has vines growing on it, and it smelled like dead carcassm but no Elites, or Grunts were in sight, so they walked on threw. Cox and Emp loaded there guns, and went in first just to make sure.
"Nothing!"Emp yelled after scanning his side.
"Nothing Here!"Cox replied, as Koontzy, and Vegeta headed in while 3of9 and Viking guarded the outside.
"OK! Cox you try to get this place running again."
"Emp, you head to the spotting tower and watch for enemies.Koontzy said. as him and vegeta sat down and watched the monitors.
"Hombase do you read?"Cox said
"Homebase, I repeat, do you read?, this is Squad Zeta1Gamma, calling Home."
-shskkkk Yes we read you shskkk-
"Homebase, we are loacted exactly 17 gammas north of the urban sector 3" Cox replied.
-shskkk-Have you found anything?shskkk-
"Nothing yet."Cox said.

The shots were being fired outside.
"Grunts!!!!!!"30f9 yelled as him and Viking were letting shells fly at around 30-40 grunts mobing in.
"Sir theres a dozen move comign from the south!" Emp said as he slide down the rail from the guard tower.
"Cox you stay here! find what we do next!"Koontzy said as he loaded up and headed outside.
"Aye Aye sir!" cox replied and he kept his pistol close to him.
Koontzy walked out to see the grunts have moved in closer as h opened fire dropping 2 grunts were they stood. Viking had knelt behind a rock, trying to take cover. 3of9 was wounded from a plasma burn to his leg, but it wasnt bad enough to cause serious danger as he kept on firing.

Vegeta fired a rocket, laying out at least 10 grunts, and then procedded ot fire his pistol dropping two more.
Emp threw two grenades but both ecploded in midair!
"Damnit Emp!, you threw them to damn high!"Vegeta Yelled, as he was also hit whl standing there.

Cox came running out....
"sir they are inside, they came from behind, I saw them on the monitor coming from the bottom floor, theres atr least 20, maybe 30 of them.
"Shit!" "Lets Move!!!" as they loaded up into the buggys. Vegeta and 30f9 manned the guns, and let the grunts have it as they headed off. Viking threw a grenade and smoke cover to help them out. He destroyed a few grunt, and gave a grin on his face, he knew he was good...

Koontzy scanned back as they got out of range, and saw that the staion was being guarded heavily now, no way they were heading back that way.
"Cox, whats the news?"Koontzy asked?
"Nothing new sir, they said they still dont have a good location, or if the location we have is false."cox said.
Koontzy looked into the way they were heading, wondering what the hell was gonna happen next..........