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Death Before Dishonor Part 1
Posted By: Koontzy<Koontzy911@excite.com>
Date: 01 August 2001, 7:11 am

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The sky was beginning to brighten, as the sun started to shine upon the rock that Koontzy was lying on. They had just set up camp in a remote area where they were sure the covenant assasian squad that was after them wouldnt find. The area was think in some kind of trees that resembled a Pine and White Oak combined. Koontzy wasnt too worried he has his best 5 men with him....As he lit up a sig he daydreamed about the mission and what they had to do.

The mission wasnt too hard they though. Koontzy had to lead 5 of the best soldiers in the Armored Marines to find a group of men at a Communications Station. The last message from them was about 3 weeks ago, so they sent Rambo Squad after them. All they knew was that the Communications Station was located somewhere near the middle of the Planet they have been calling "HALO", but what could they really do, the covenant knew they were looking for them, so they have also been searching, and the Conenant Assasian Group was after them.

"Sir, Can I ask you a question?" said Cox as he finsihed up his chicken wings.
"Sure go right ahead." Koontzy said with a smile on his face.
"Just why the fuck are we out here?" Cox replied wiht a digusted look on his face.
Cox was a arrogant man, but why cant he be, he is skilled in everything from Martial Arts and Knife Fighting to Sniping and Demolitions. He wasnt well liked but Koontzy loved this guy, he knew he had talent and tried to get along with him.
"Because its our orders!"
"We were sent to find a group of men, and thats what the hell we are gonna do." Koontzy yelled back at him trying to make him understand what in the hell was going on.
But what was really going on? No one really knew. Koontzy wasnt given anything but a map and a location near where this place might be. Near! Thats what really scared him. What if they didnt find this place, what if the location was a Covanent Base? Would they all die?

Koontzy walked over to the buggy and kicked some mud off of it, as he glaced at the scenery he saw a flash....
"GET DOWN!" He yelled!, as all the men dropped to their stomachs..
"What the Fuck!!!" cox said.....
"Hold ON!" Koontzy said as he aimed a binocs where he saw the flash, but nothing, was there..
Then a blue blast went flying by narrowly missing Emp., who turned to see a Covanent Elite running at him.....

As the Elite grew closer, they could tell he was out of ammo, as jumped Kicked the asshole in the face dropping him like a stone, then proceeded to hit, what looked like a face..
"Take that Bitch!!!Take that!!!" he cursed as he repeatedly stuck the Elite.....
"Thats Enough!" Emp said as he grabbed his shotgun and blasted what was left of the face into Bits!...
"HaHa" "That will teach those ugle Bastards!" Emp said as a evil grin was put on his face..

As Koontzy watched he thought it may have been a decoy sent by the C.E.A(Covenant Elite Assasians) group, but they surely would have fired a shot by now.
The C.E.A was a group of 3 Elites that the Marines Knew as the best of the Convenant, they have always succeded, which scared Koontzy in his men. The funny thing i they want you to knwo when they are coming, they have over 2000+ marine heads at their base, from all their kills. As Vegeta scanned the Horizan, Emp reloaded his shotgun...

There are six of us Koontzy though to himself.. Me, Cox,Emp, Vegeta, Viking, and 3of9, and we are all skilled, but we cant be the best, or can we? Koontzy didnt want to bother with wondering as 3of9 came running up to him..
"Sir, there a group of 10 Covenants coming our way, I think they are looking for.....""Him"
Koontzy looked at the dead body then seen them walking around where he saw the flash.
"Give me and Viking a Sniper Rifle" Koontzy said and 3of9 handed then and ammo to him and Viking.
"Ok Viking you go behind that rock over there."Koontzy said as he pointed to a rock about 30 yards down.
"And I will go over to this tree, The rest of you stay hear and try to contact the Operations" Koontzy said as he crawled his way to the tree.....

Viking looked through his scope and got his crosshairs on one of the Elites, as did Koontyz.
Blam!!!Viking let one rip and it slammed into the Elites head and sent him back a few yards..
Koontzy was looking through his scope as the other 5 looked to see where the sot came from.
Blam!!!Koontzy let one fly, striking one in the chest, and then they saw his, and let her go..
Here they came running full speed...Neither Koontzy or Viking could get an accurate shot at them running full speed....

Koontzy glanced over to see Vegeta and Emp. Standing with the Rocket Lauchers ready, Vegeta Let one go, exloding right in front of them, and Killing two by blowing them to bits.. Emp Let her go, and destroyed the rest and a nearby tree..
"Hot Damn!!!" Vegeta said, "These Things Kick Ass!"

"Ok, Lets get the hell outta here!" Koontzy said, as they loaded up and headed off.