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War for Earth City [2]: More of an Enemy Then You Thought
Posted By: Kancer<FourPlagues07@netscape.net>
Date: 11 August 2003, 2:09 AM

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      The Golden Elite stopped, yanked out his dual Plasma Rifles, and turned around. He was waiting for the human that he knew was following him. He stayed in that same position for about 10 minutes, then finally relaxed. He slid the Plasma Rifles into their holster, turned around again, and started walking. Whoever was following him would catch him from behind. He cursed under his breath, because he was scared.

      The human slowly appeared, and suddenly noticed the Elite. It's back was facing the nameless human, and he thought this was his only chance. He snuck up behind the Elite, pulled out his crowbar, and hit it in the back very, very hard. When it fell, he hit it a few more times. Blood covered his face, the crowbar, and it's back. He still hit it more and more, basically until there was nothing left. He finally put the crowbar away, and that's when he noticed it wasn't Gold, like the one he was chasing. He was so blind with anger, that he hadn't noticed. He walked away, and that's when it happened. He fel his arm for one second, then the next he just felt alot of pain. He looked down, and his arm was lying next to him. He fell to the ground in pain, and cursed loudly. He culd hear an Elite laugh, looked behind his back, and noticed that it was the Gold Elite. He screamed, and passed out.

      The Elite walked over to the human, and picked him up. He decided he throw him off a cliff, noone would know, and he wouldn't feel anything. He then stopped, and thought. He wanted him to feel pain, so he decided not to throw him off a cliff. He spit on the humans face, which woke him up and said, "Night, night!" The Elite then repeatedly headbutted the human, so blood covered it's forehead. He made sure he wasn't dead though. He then pulled out his Plasma Rifle, and shot his arm. The human wrenched over, and grabbed his arm in pain. The Elite continued, ans hot his other arm, and left leg. The human did the same thing, except he only moved his right leg. The Elite finally shot his right leg, but still made sure he wasn't dead. The Elite was actually surprised, and a little scared because no other human could have lived through this. He bent down to kill him, and was suddenly scared. At that moment, he hadn't a doubt in his mind that he was going to die.

      He felt the alien bend down, and could feel it's breath on his face. He then tripped it, and grabbed it's Plasma Sword. He jumped up, and turned it on. The Elite also got up, but pulled out dual Plasma Rifles. It fired off a few rounds, but the human dodged them.The alien fired off more rounds, and they were stopped as they met with their own substance. He then felt pain in his legs, and fell down. The Elite jumped up at him, but at the last second, the human lifted the sword and it passed through the Elite. It finally stopped jerking around, and relaxed. The Elite slid down the Sword, cutting it vertically in half. The human got up, and spit on the Elite. He lifted the Sword, and stick it deep down into the Elite's face. He walked away, and back to the War. He then turned around, and walked back to the two halfs of the Elite body, and picked up the dual Plasma Rifles. This is a War, and he was sure that if he was going to die, he was taking alot of Covenant with him. He walked the War, again laughing.
      When he approached the battlefield, he heard thousands of noises. He walked up, and over the hill, where he knew he could get the best view. He saw thousands of casualties for both sides. There was still thousands of warriors battling, so he joined. He fired at a Grunt, and blood squrited out of the openings the Plasma left. He noticed two Jackals without shields holding up weapons at him, and put Plasma into both their heads. He killed more, and more aliens. After awhile, the battery on both of the Rifles depleted, so he tossed them away and picked up an Assualt Rifle, and a Human Pistol. He killed an Elite, and just when he thought they had come out victorious, he noticed tens of thousands of Covenant move in from the south. He screamed out curse words. He was very scared, and suddenly felt like he was already dead. He noticed a Golden Elite watching him very closely. He prayed, and charged into battle.