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The force of Gravity
Posted By: kamikaze343<str8_kamikaze343@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 June 2005, 12:32 am

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Flexing every muscle he had in his body, trying to push blood back to his brain as tunnel vision closed a dark shroud across his sight. Pulling hard on the control yoke, listing to the whine of the engines straining, flames enveloped the cockpit windows as the dull gray and black paint burned away. Temperature rising to just over a hundred and fifty degrees inside the cabin. Wanting to reach up and whip the sweat that burned his eyes but dismissed the thought. Letting go would just send them into a uncontrollable free fall. For Airman Sky buccunan his day was just getting started.

…The rear hatch isn't holding…

…. Shit theirs wreckage everywhere…

…Engage bottom thrusters…

…Shit were not slowing…

…Cabin pressure is dropping…

…. What is … power plummeting…

…Hydraulics are fail… switch to…

…Mayday, may… this is Pelican 491 of the UN…C, uncont…le decent, trying … send help ….coordinates four….. by …….. ni…… on small… dge…. Cishhhhhhhhhhh… END OF TRANSMISSION APRIL FORTH, 2553

Slowly opening his eyes, trying to look around the cabin of what was left of pelican 491. The smell of burning flesh, ozone and fuel jolted his senses. Lifeless bodies drooped over in their five point harness's like lifeless puppets, weapons and bullet cartage's lay strewn about. Large crates broken open reviling their belongings, it was a sight from hell. Nausea hit him as he tried to slowly stand, doubling over, puking out the meat surprise he ate just hours ago in Kiev's mess hall with his buddies. Trying to remember what had just happened. Burning hulks, plasma erupting the hastily prepped drop planet -side, the startling explosion that had fried every system running inside the ship and then…. Bleak darkness!

Snap to it man. Hey wake up. "Slap".
"Ah man what the fuck" bellowed private first class Chase Buccunan
"Hey wake up man we got company" whispered private delphia.
"What happened to a easy landing, I feel like the day after marty gray, all fucked up!!"
"Yea well pack your shit we gotta hump it back to phoenix base, like now."

"Hey man check the cockpit see if theirs anyone left, that wasn't exactly a textbook landing!!"

Groaning as he stood up using his rifle as support he slowly walked to the front of the cabin and knocked on the door.

"Knock, knock"

Stepping back. He looked at his buddy then back at the door!! The door was maybe six feet by four feet, made of solid titanium A and impervious to all small arms fire. Then how the hell did a door like that get a dent the size of a basketball in it? Thought chase.

"Hey man, bellowing to Zach, check this out?"

As Zach looked over his shoulder, he put the picture of his small family that were on earth back into his helmet but stopping at the picture recently taken back on the Kiev… "Christin" he thought, wondering if she ever made it out of the bridge Kiev in time!

Snapping back into harsh reality he found himself hurting, aching to just go home and forget this war, but that wasn't possible. The enemy would not allow any human to live let alone be happy in solitude with the ones he loved.

"Hey, hey Zac you all right man?"
"Yea, yea"
" What was it that you wanted to show me?"

Turning around, seeing that chase was pointing to the cockpit door.
"Yea so, its got a big ass dent in it whoopdy fuckin do"
"Think about it, we hit pretty hard, I don't think anyone survived!"
"What are we gonna do about the ones that are unconscious?"
"We cant exactly drag them back to base, we don't know what's between us an base!"
"I don't know man, I don't know", let's just get some fresh air k!

"So your telling me that we effectively wiped out all the Covenant warships in orbit with one missile?" said the Admiral

"Yes sir all the reports are now coming in. we have four thousand men roughly. About ninety aircraft made it though and are landing inside the base within the hour. We have warthogs, tanks and enough supplies to last us a month at combat readiness, Fleet Comms will also be up within the hour." Said first lieutenant Christin ibanez!

Good work,thought the Admiral now on to the Covenant forces seting up a base on the other side of the planet!