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A chapter of hell!
Posted By: kamikaze343<str8_kamikaze343@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 June 2005, 12:19 am

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Echoing though out Hickins mind was unexplainable voices that were excoriating repetitive like a broken record of Michael Jackson. Voices, soft-spoken children and screaming women whispered into his ear day in and day out. Detailing horrible events that were "supposedly" going to pass by in the near future. The local physic diagnosed him as crazy or insane and unfit to continue his duties as Chief of security here at ONI castle base. Lights flickering and sorting out from power spikes inside Omega, sector four did not help much either. Crew from sift A and B claim to see so called "ghosts" or "demons" when lights shorted made the working here unbearable. Well trained staff was coming hard to find to replace the "clinically insane" and rumors that spread though out the security and research staff was not making their troubles any better.

Rear Admiral Hickins lay strapped and immobile to a observation table in a dimly lit room suspended lowly under an observation room., paranoid as to what could be watching him. Just four days ago he would be performing his normal duties as Head of security, walking the tight corridors, making sure staff were on time, weapon lockers stored properly, assigning security staff to different sectors deep inside the bowls of "the Alamo" and setting up mock emergency drills. Now all he had to do was to keep his mind from wondering deep inside the clutches of his horribly retched mind. Sleep was impossible, and staying awake was unbearable, haunting his memories were images of hell itself…

Staring blankly into what seemed nothing was the only thing that calmed him, but when the lights flickered, that was when the nightmares haunted him. Hearing screams of agony from his fallen marines as they were ripped apart right in front him by a unforeseeable enemy, gunfire and muzzle flashes echoed inside the dark halls of his mind, but he soon he came to realize that it wasn't all in his mind but happening around him right this very seconded.

He felt free, where did the constraints go? Hickens thought. How did I get from the observation room to the mess hall two football lengths away? Looking down at a pool of blood he saw the reflection of himself but instead of seeing a hospital gown he saw his normal armor. A class B combat armor with his ensigna and his M6D pistol at his hip. As he slowly looked around to assess the situation he found that he was alone once again, alone in the dark again with only the flickering of the lights and the bloody remains of marines, he was about to find out as to why he was struggling to stay alive. His training kicked in, save the mission, save the complex, save the men he slowly thought to himself. It sounded mean or cruel but the mission here at "the Alamo" was of the highest importance, his men his life was the least importance. As the corporal checked the chamber of his sidearm he swore that he could hear movement above him, which was possible because there were maintenance crawl ways between the ceiling and the concert floor above.

Built into his helmet and inside his retina of his left eye were what you could call PDA's. These PDA's worked with the standard issue neural interface surgically implanted at the base of every service men and women's spin that were all linked together, serving as a battle network and FOF tags for the field, but also for "emails" or tactical reports on the field. Able to access all UNSC networks and "libraries" of information with only a thought with the right clearance of course. Getting a sitrep to Highcom was at the highest of value in his agenda and by doing that he would haft to pass two blast doors and elevator and one other set of blast doors.
Looking back towards the entrance of the mess hall was what should be two blast doors, the first of his obstacles. All he saw though was rubble and debris. Behind those doors were the main access way to the UNSC HQ. Then through that is the elevator he would haft to take up four floors. Stepping out into a corridor and then through a series of decontamination bays and then a security clearance doors and wala Comm. bay seven.

Looking around trying to find a way around the rubble, but it was a waste of time he thought. Until he realized that there was a vent shaft directly above him. Ripping off the metal grating and tossing the piece to the side. He barely grabbed the reinforced sides as he jumped as high as he could to the mouth of the shaft. Straining as he pulled himself up, grunting from the exertion of energy drained him. A dank mist distorted his view as he peered into the shaft. Spooky at most until his mag light sliced through the cover. Power was down so the bases AI was down hard, curious though way wasn't the emergency generator or the back up lights booting up? Hickens thought. After crawling for more than four hundred yards, Hickens found what he was looking for! The entrance to Comm. Bay seven. The problem from there was that it should be locked down due to the security override and pass that override was an elevator shaft a decompression bay and then and only then was Comm. bay seven. As Hickens reached for the override panel his PDA went off which startled him. Looking down he read the following message..

1. To all surviving Marines and staff "contamination" over sixty percent of base. Sectors two, three, five, and six are inoperable.
2. All surviving Marines and staff are to report first to Corporal Lance at Delta Armory and await orders.
3. Break out of "flood host and flood mutation" you are to initiate Protocol five.
4. Act of force only in self-defense, damage to ONI section four property will lead to immediate termination.
5. Caution greatly advised as to traveling through sectors named above.
6. Good luck and god…

Strange Hickens thought., why did the transmission end abruptly. Whoever sent that order was only one floor up. Even worse was the fact the "mutants" or evolutionazied flood were out of control of the UNSC and ONI grasps! Turning he say the door to the Comm bay. As he thought about how he would access the bay, the door amazingly opened before him. The bright light that cascaded before him blinded him all of a sudden he was grabbed by three or more pairs of hands!