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Out of the fire into the inferno (part four)
Posted By: KAMIKAZE343<str8_kamikaze343@yahoo.com>
Date: 14 February 2005, 7:41 PM

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April,4 2553 1400hrs(Military Calender)
In orbit/The first to fight.

Yelling orders, receiving orders it was all a blur for Captain Clinton. The covenant had just as always arrived in perfect formation just on the far side of the planet. Dropping drop ships off just three hundred clicks from Commander Delphia's position and was preparing another jump into slip space.
"Did you get the count on Covenant ships Lieutenant" asked the Admiral.
"Yes sir, one hundred and eight ships mostly Destroyers, frigates and transport vessels." Said the Lieutenant
Just as soon as they arrived they disappeared. It was amazing how the Covenant was light years ahead of the UNSC but it was also the reason they were losing this damn war.
"Have all ships ready their MAC guns and Missiles and also arm the triunim bomb, have all destroyers and Carriers launch their Long sword fighters." Ordered Valdez
Turning towards the Admiral "Sorry, you have (looking down at a paper) over two hundred drop ships landing three hundred clicks from your position and over one hundred and eight Covenant ships in orbit."
"Its going to be a busy day Admiral, good luck and good hunting" Commander Delphia out.
"What's the status Lieutenant."
"Fleets weapons are hot, fighters are in formation and we ready Admiral!" said the lieutenant excitedly
Counting to himself he saw fifty-two UNSC ships against one hundred and eight Covenant ships. Damn the UNSC only won battles when we out numbered the Covenant not the other way around.
"Sir slip space rupture off the Battle groups starboard."
Turning on the mic, " All hands man battle station this is not a drill I repeat all hands man battle stations this is not a drill"
That got their attention he thought. Seeing the rest of Crew B running in, manning their posts. Activate point defenses and bring up are AI would yea Lieutenant.
"Sir yes sir"
The fleet was ready. With fighters already engaging, Frigates and Destroyers in the lead with the UNSC's capitol ship's in the middle. A perfect pyramid formation.
Burning hulks floated all around him in the vacuum of space. Mostly his fellow comrades but some were covenant. Running, always running, why? He was tired of running all of humanity was tired of running. Places to run to were limited, they were to hard to come by. Following the Cole Protocol, that was becoming even harder to follow. All the exit vectors were dwindling to only a small light at the end of the tunnel.
Watching the destroyer Prestige evaporated from existence, all crew in the forward decks just ceased to exist. Debris slowly burning in the atmosphere as a sleek Covenant Cruiser pushes through a chunk off the forward half of the carrier Volcum, brushing off the Cruiser's shields, shimmering in the bleak light. Its flanks slowly appear red as they ready another volley, MAC rounds hit her in aft of the engine room, fighters harass the Cruiser with their ship-ship missiles. Pinpoint lasers and 50mm cannons obliterate the small fragile aircraft that fly through the battlefield. It was all chaos, too much for the human mind to comprehend. Super computers transmitting signals, communicating, destroying at the speed of light.
The relenting barrage of plasma decimated the proud UNSC fleet, but not at a price. Small novas erupted and dissipated in a blink of an eye, ships simply vanish in the large fireball that grew between the two opposing forces.
I'm initiating Cole Protocol Article three. Were abandoning ship. Picking up the mic laying next to his station, he hesitates. Breathing slowly, he brings the mic to his mouth. "All hands this is your Admiral speaking, all UNSC personal shall report to their nearest orbital drop stations and evacuate all vessels, all flight crews will ready your birds for an hotdrop within ten minutes, its been proud to serve with all of you under my command, good luck and good hunting Admiral Valdez out." Breathing out slowly he sorts his mind, do I really wanna go through with this. No choice!
Seeing his bridge crew gather their belongings, he stands, looking towards the CO of the Kiev, Commanding Officer Brian Stranworth , Admiral Stranworths son. "I have one last order for you." Staring at his second in command. "What's that sir?"… Looking puzzled. "Give um hell." "Aren't you coming with us sir?" looking puzzled. "Yea I'll be there in a sec, just one last thing to attend to."
Just before opening a secure link to the Commander planet side he brings up the inventory database for missile bay seven. He rapidly scrolls down the page. There!! Double tapping on what he was looking for. The Mark IV Triminum a.k.a. NOVA bomb was an experimental bomb made to even the battlefield in space with the Covenant or simply with a push of a button destroy a whole planet. In this case it was to ensure that the Covenant weren't able to further deploy more forces in this system. It would destroy the rest of his fleet but that was about to happen anyway. So why not take a few more Covi basterds with them. "Juliet, would you prep the Triminum missile for firing and open the channel with theCommander." "Yes Admiral, one minute till prep is done after that you are free to fire!" "Thank you Juliet."
Staring deeply into the eyes of his Commander, he sensed that this was the last he would see of him. "Admiral there wasn't much you could do up here was there?" " I've initiated Cole Protocol Article three, survivors will be landing shortly and one last thing." " Yes Admiral?" "With Cole Protocol Article tree is the last ditch effort we divised just coming into the system." "Yes what about it?" "Well as of 0500hrs eastern military time, plan alpha niner is in effect."
Cut off with the Commander as a plasma torpedo fried here communications array. Slowly standing, lights flickering, sparks spewing from a terminal as the Kiev lists to the starboard and back to port. Looking around he sees computer screens shattered papers littered the floor it was all a mess. "This was what it all came down to" he silently said to him self. His personal radio chirped to life, "Commander, do not return message, this is Commander Jason Presario, all personnel are evaced its been a pleasure sir see you ground side, godspeed Jason out!"
"Sir, missile is prepped and ready to fire at your command, what would your target destination be?"
"Target the biggest mother fucker in the middle of the Battle Group, I want all Covenant ships destroyed."
"Scanning… target found, classification Assault Carrier Mark V, confirm and fire when ready."
"Target confirmed, fire at will!"

Ship Master Oni misigota was the highest-ranking elite in the whole fleet, standing over eight feet tall and wore gold translucent armor which showed his rank and importance in the fleet, also adding to his intimidation was the plasma sword given to him from the Profit of Regret at the ceremony for changing of the fleet Commanders, which was always at his side. The Profits sensing this mission was of great importance and sending anyone less than Ship Master Oni was an act of herisy also adding to things was that his fleet had the highest success record in combat. He would succeed or die trying. His Carrier, the Translesents was the best in the fleet of the inner sanctum. Bristling with power, speed and the best Covenant the Holy Profits could find the translesents prowled space in search of relics left behind by their gods for the Might of the Covenant Empire to find. From Sigma Octuras, Reach, Installation 04 and now he and his fleet endured countless victories but now this battle felt final but he couldn't place why.
"Ship Master, the Infidels are in full retreat." Said Translesents AI.
"Praise be to the Covenant, the Profits will be pleased with us!"
"Death to all that dares to defy"
Cut off in mid-sentence he felt his ship his world tear to shreds, he thought just before his atoms dissipated was that his great journey just begun and pain would forever be forgotten, but he soon realized his journey was over and the pain he felt would last FOREVER!

Nova missile number one fired out the starboard side of the Cruiser Kiev, the boost from the solid rocket propelled the slim missile out into space. After clearing the side hull the missile's programming initiated a three-second burn turning the missile 180 degrees towards its designated target. The missile's sensors then activated and scanned its path towards the target, finding millions of debris floating in the endless vacuum finding chunks the size of small apartment buildings to the size of small cars. It would take years to scan and sort every single object in orbit but debris was not what the sleek missile was looking for. It was the looking for live prey or Covenant warships as you may say.

Running as fast as his legs allowed him to the Admiral flew down halls, decks and barracks finally reaching his destination. HEV pod 116. Left for the whole Command crew and then some, the Admiral was the last to enter. "Punch it" "aren't you going to buckle" " no time just go NOW!" slamming the hatch shut just before the main boosters ignited and propelled the small pod away from the doomed ship. Looking back at the bulk head staring at nothing, or was it something who knew. One last salute to the men and women of the UNSC Navel forces.
Designed for high speed and maneuverability to dodge other missiles, lasers, aircraft and debris, the missile flew just under mach one to avoid attention until it was too late. Pinging a frequency off the hulls and shields of the Cruisers, frigates and destroyers trying to find the right frequency that fit the tear drop shape with a large oval or cylindrical sphere towards the aft of the ship which housed the weapon systems, shield electronics and fleet communications. After four return pings the missile finally found its target. A class IV Assault Carrier directly in the center of the battlefield were Kiev's AI had programmed it to be.
Running from his barracks Private first class Chase Bucanan herd from several of his buddies that the space battle had taken a turn for the worse. "Damn I always hated space battles, just sitting here not having control over whether a big ball of super heated plasma would fry my sorry ass or not" complaining to his comrade Private first class Bryce Wilson. "Yea no shit, id rather have dirt under my feet any day." They both grew up together in a small town called Flagstaff Arizona back in the new states. Going to basic and then station in the same fleet was a blessing, but best of all they were about to kill some Covenant together. Stopping just short of hanger bay seven's elevator which would take the two and their squad to the ships armory and then to the hanger itself. "What's the hold up man, we cant really afford to stop or the Sarg will have are ass's." stammered Bryce.
"Just look, have you ever stopped and just looked into space?" asked Chase.
"No, why would I, god your such a dumbass sometimes." Saying while grabbing chase by the collar and dragging him to the elevator
Increasing fuel output to 93% the missile sped from just under mach one to mach nine. One click from the carrier the missile ascended into a vertical climb to avoid point defenses. Thirty seconds later it pulled out of the vertical climb and steady on course just above the Covenant Flagship. Burning up the last of the fuel the missile initiated the last of its waypoints. Diving for the center of the vessel, slamming first into the shield and seconds later plunging deep into the ship. Sensing the 4g slow down it activated the arming prongs of the warhead. The fuse flashed into incandescence, lighting off the intermediate explosive nestled in the center of the main warhead erupting into a huge frenzy. The NOVA missile detonated in the center of the carrier were it housed it plasma reserves for the shaping and then discharge of the main plasma batteries.
A small sun burned inside the middle of the Covenant fleet. Billowing out, raging fingers burned all that it touched. The whole Covenant Fleet destroyed in one active motion, sonic frequencies slammed into the rapidly retreating UNSC forces, swatting some out of the sky like flies. As the inferno dissipated, the space around the planet went back to its state of Aura, peaceful and quiet. The death of the Covenant fleet signaled the rise and fall of the Covenant Empire on Primedeus IV