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Out of the fire into the inferno (part three)
Posted By: KAMIKAZE343<str8_kamikaze343@yahoo.com>
Date: 14 February 2005, 7:31 PM

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Hey, ive taken a while to write this next segment. I hope you like this next part. Thanks alot to MCC, Sam_Fisha and the others that are helping me!!! ENJOY.

April,4 2553 1200hrs(MilitaryCalender)


Looking through the bridge view port Admiral Vincent Valdez was astonished with the fact that their ship the kiev which was a class three Marathon Heavy Assault Cruiser and his Battle Group was still intact.

"Sir, we have the tally on the casualty report you asked for," said Lieutenant Transeu

"What is it Lieutenant!" exclaimed the Admiral

"Ten percent casualties on the battle group and no sign of the Covenant, we lost the Carrier Hero, Destroyer's Divx and Saratoga, and Frigates Muhammad, Ifrit, Divine Wind and kamikaze," said the lieutenant transeu in a strained voice.

Rubbing his closed eyes, he silently thought to himself of all the men and women he sent to their deaths. Replaying the battle over and over in his head, seeing the Carrier Hero sacrifice herself for his ship. Taking plasma torpedoes in her mid-section gutting her, burning through the titanium-A battle armor like tissue paper and just adding to the death toll. It wasn't in vain, he thought. Slamming his fist into the bulkhead in front of him. The whole bridge crew turned staring at their Admiral, silently waiting for his next order, just waiting.

"Why are we here, why is this system so important to us?" asking the ONI officer to his right.

Looking at the Admiral, straining to even comprehend the pain that this officer felt and fell short. Stammering, " Well sir I can't really say." Said first officer Jake Balderas. Now looking into the eyes of Admiral Valdez, the pain and grieving he witnessed earlier vanished only to return with anger and revenge.

"Well why the hell not JAKE?"

Wincing at that last remark, "because you are not cleared," stammered Jake.

"If to you don't tell me what I need to know, ill make sure you never make it home again, ONI spook or not ill kill you, I want to know NOW." screamed the Valdez
"All right, all right" panicked Jake. " Give me a second."
Tapping furiously on the keys on the Intel station. Top brass is going to have my ass for this as he entered his password and ID.
"OK have a seat" he told the Captain.
"Five days ago we came across a secure transmission between a Covenant Cruiser the Sacred Promise and what is known as High Charity and in that transmission we discovered the location of this High Charity and this (pointing to the planet the Battle Group was currently orbiting).
"How and what is it worth to us," asked the Admiral in a curious tone.
" These planets if I read this right is were the Covenant are looking for a Artifact of some kind and we want if for obvious reasons," said the ONI officer
"I see so were supposed to capture this "Artifact" and take it back to Earth, am I correct on this?"
"Yes sir, that's pretty much it."
Turning toward the Communications and Navigation consoles, " relay this conversation to Commander Delphia at camp Phoenix, and give me satellite data for the planet." Said the Captain
"And what about this High Charity?" Asked the Admiral
"Well sir we sent a scout ship, the Helena, this is all we got (pointing to the screen) before we lost contact."
Letting out a low whistle, amazing the Admiral thought staring at this planet size umbrella with what seemed to be more covenant ships than anyone has ever seen.

Thinking to him self as to what a trinimum or Nova bomb like the one that was on Reach and the one that was in missile bay seven would do this High Charity and the Covenant fleet surrounding it.

In his late thirties Captain Delphia was a good friend to Admiral Valdez who was in charge of the protection this godforsaken planet and was growing very tired of this war.
" To many damn hero's and not a big enough outcome" he thought
" Sir, flash message from Admiral Valdez and Corporal Perez would like to speak with you sir," said Staff Sergeant Casey Witman
"Put the flash message on holo tank four, would yea sergeant," said the Admiral "And tell the Corporal to wait in my courters"
Turning towards communications he sees the young stressed face of Admiral Valdez. The Commander watches and talks to the Admiral for five minutes and discovers one defining fact. The Covenant was after a "Artifact" and they weren't going to stop for anything. Already stopping them cold just mere hours ago wouldn't be enough turning he sees the young face of his friend Vincent. He and Delphia went back as far as the Harvest campaign, serving together on the destroyer Versailles and the frigate Seawolf, they always talked and kept each other in the loop when shit hit the fan. Now under the same Command structure once again, Admiral Valdez made sure that the commander always came out on top no matter what.
Thinking back to when he could remember when the UNSC still had Reach and Earth was still a secret, but now Reach was no more than another glassed planet and Earth was all that was left out of the once mighty UNSC colonies.
" Well nice to see you again. How's things ground side? " asked Valdez
" Well no contact yet." "Phoenix base is up and we have secured a two mile by one mile area in between two large mountains and perimeter is set, how's things in orbit?" explained the Commander
"Well", cut off by Klaxons that began to go off, the room went from well lit to a Erie red which only meant that the Battle Group went from normal operations to Battle Stations, which also meant that the Covenant came back! The Admiral felt a cold shiver go down the middle of his spine.