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Out of the fire into the inferno.(part two)
Posted By: KAMIKAZE343<singne1@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 January 2005, 7:38 PM

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Primeudes IV
Alpha company
April 5, 2553 1230MT

Cannon fodder.

"Roger that alpha company" said Staff Sergeant Casey witman. "We have them on our scopes, sending air support." Turning towards that makeshift staff that had survived the drop. " I want five birds prepped and ready on the pad in two minutes" said Casey.

Looking back at Admiral Valdez "is there something on your mind sir, because if there is id like to hear it."

"Well we just made contact with Captain Sofranic on the flag ship Madrid, he's going to send support."

"What kind of support do you mean sir?"

" Well we have twelve pelicans loaded with marines, warthogs and MBTs, and one Shiva nuclear warhead" said Admiral Valdez.

Letting out a low whistle, "wow we could sure use that" said Casey. "Its like Christmas all over again." He blurted.

"Send a message to alpha company, I want a target about seven miles from their position lighted up" explained the Admiral.

"The birds are ready, pre flight is just coming in." said the crew chief.

"Roger that, inform me when they start their attack run."

Grassy knoll.

Looking around behind the knoll, Corporal Perez could tell that they were in deep shit. All hell broke lose when he and his men lit up the wraith and the elite hunter/killer group.

"Roger that alpha company, air support is on the way." Explained the calm staff sergeant just over the ridge.

"God I hope they get here soon or there wont be anything to support" bitching to the men around him. Looking at the private next to him "set off those charges now goddanmit."

Hearing the natural click from the trigger on the remote going from standby to fire. "Fire in the hole" screamed the private.

Ducking his head beneath his hands to protect his head and ears from the blast the corporal felt the ground tremble as the web shaped mine field that alpha company place just hours before went off without a hitch.

Looking up in satisfaction, as hundreds of grunts and jackals were ripped apart as the lotus anti-tank mines went off, throwing thousands of shrapnel into the air. He saw a elite in red armor cut right in half as a paper size shrapnel cut threw his shield and then him in a blink of and eye.

With a large grin on his face, he cocked back the hammer on his battle rifle with a "clack", then raised it up to his shoulder not even bothering to look threw his sights, aiming at a grunt.

Pulling the trigger back with a satisfactory recoil from the three round burst. Down range as the hallow point tips ripped threw the grunts mask ripping its face apart, and then igniting the methane mask. Seconds later the grunt and his parents that strayed to close were engulfed in a blue fireball as the plasma grenades cooked off on its belt.

Time slowed down as the covenant and the marines were deep in a struggle for survival. Looking to his right he saw a plasma grenade stick to a marines helmet. Screaming he threw himself towards the covenant, saving his comrades around him but at the cost of his own life.

Reality all came rushing back to him, feeling num and cold. Falling back as the blue sky turned black as the long sword fighters flew over. Feeling his arm, blood came flowing out of his right shoulder. " It must have been those damn snipers he was warned about" he thought to himself just before blacking out from the intense heat of the napalm burning the covenant around him.

A quick, purple beam shot straight past Private mikey Hernandez face, panicking he looked behind him and saw that corporal Perez was shot clean threw the shoulder. Looking franticly left and right, screaming for a medic. Too much was going on at one time just understand the whole situation.Explosions from the tanks pounding at the covenant forces, the chatter of gunfire and the loud whine of the plasma weapons discharging and then the thunderous turbines of the long sword fighter group, it all was to much.

Base Camp.

"Admiral the fighter group is starting the attack run now, also its all static and random gun fire on alphas side, no contact" said the staff sergeant.

Turning towards the monitors, which showed the engagement from the cockpit of the lead fight.

"Dear god, their every were." Said the Admiral in complete surprise.