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Posted By: KAMIKAZE343<singne1@yahoo.com>
Date: 21 January 2005, 9:56 PM

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Ok so im new to this, so it would be greatly appreciated for some feed back. Thanks the author...

UNSC flagship MADRID
0730 5 April 2553
Primeudes 4

Sir, entering subspace in 3, 2, 1. The dark void shredded around them and revealed the endless space and stars that seemed to go on forever.

Start scanning lieutenant; I don't want any surprises coming from the covenant. Turning, Any word on the fleet asked captain Sofranic? No sir, the last transmission from Admiral Valdez's fleet was over twenty hours ago.

Cpt. scanning is complete. Report! Sir all the scanners confirm is sixty-four destroyed UNSC vessels and 108 destroyed covenant vessels. Any signs of activity? No sir. Whats are current position in system? Were about 4 hours from Primeuds 4.Get on the horn with fleet com, see when the rest of the fleet will be here?

Sir, fleet is about eleven hours out. What's on their roster? About sixteen vessels sir plus two orbital repair stations, admiral nimitzs wants to see if we could get some damaged vessels re-commissioned.

What are the classes on the ships that will arrive? Looking down at the screen... Three flagships. The victorious, the liengrad and ours sir. Also 12 assault carriers and cruisers, three frigates and 3 destroyers, plus the two orbital stations. Thinking to himself as to were the rest of the survivors of Valdez's fleet were. Ahh captain, you might wanna check this out! What is it son. Well see this here tapping on the image in front of him. This is a manmade structure, yes go on, and this tapping to the right is base camp. Looks to be covenant. Sir we have a distress call from planet side it's from admiral Valdez their under attack!!

Peeking around the corner, corporal perrez alpha company third regiment was just as feed up with the covenant bastards as anyone else. Around the corner he saw a large wraith tank surrounded by what looked like an elite hunter killer group. Black armor, plasma swords and plasma grenades up the ass and these elites were no one to mess with. Shit, just are luck thinking out loud.

Pvt. Get that launcher up here, on the double son. In prone position behind some rubble the pvt could see all he wanted to see. Five elites and a wraith and behind them was a whole lot of pissed off covenant. To the groups left and right were the best thing a marine could have, armor support. Two scorpion MBT's and four ODST fire teams. Enough fire power to defend a small base which as a matter-of-factly was what they were doing.

They arrived in system only twenty hours ago and on the ground for about twelve felt like an eternity. after losing the space battle the fleets personal made a mad dash for planet side just before detonating their still experimental nova bomb which utterly destroyed the covenant ships that were in orbit. So far the situation was that they were stranded on this godforsakkin planet with enough men, weapons and food to blow up a whole goddamn planet and that is what is exactly what their gonna.

Corporal perrez hated the covenant with a passion. Both his brothers served as an ODST on Reach defending one of the generator complexes when a fleet admiral ordered them and their company to flank a superior enemy through a forest which was targeted for saturation bombing. Neither one of them made it alive, but it was time for the covenant to pay.

Alpha company this is support do you copy over? Roger support we read you loud and clear! We have seven bad guys and a wraith please confirm. Roger that support seven bad guys and a wraith the package is dirty over. Roger that alpha company commencing attack when you are alpha. Roger that support commencing attack over and out. Pvt, what are you waiting for take out that tank? Yes sir!

Looking through the scope, the new law fit perfectly for this the private thought as he slammed the firing stud to fire. Stand clear, three seconds later the rocket went off with a thump. The flight time was barley four seconds when its seven-hundred kilogram shaped warhead detonating three meters into the tank, all your herd was a thud then a loud bang when the MBT fired its 90mm HE rounds slamming into the tanks and elites around a twenty meter blast radius.

After the smoke cleared all you could see was a 20 by 20 foot gaping hole were the tank used to be. Sitting quietly behind the rubble all they could feel was the ground tremble. Thinking to himself as what on earth could cause that much noise but saw something he would only see in his nightmares! Hundred upon hundreds of rows of grunts fallowed by jackals then elites in their ghosts. Send a distress call anything and report to base it's goanna be a long bloody day. Out of the fire into the inferno he thought!